Ok I haven’t had the time to post in the last few weeks and I still don’t so I’m just going to list a few things I’ve missed here and comment on them as I would have if I had the time to write about them.

1.) Christopher Lao and the floating car- Idiot A+. No, I’m not insulting your character I’m insulting your intelligence. Apology? Boo. You  were interesting with your name trending on yahoo News and twitter, now you’re a boring nobody again.

2.) Mideo Cruz and “Kulo”- Fuck you Philistines. Your being offended means nothing. Yes the art is shocking, yes it may be sacrilegious, yes it may be blasphemy, yes it is definitely offensive but your right to offense ends when you try to legislate your offense to banning things you don’t agree with or like. No I don’t respect your religion because it doesn’t deserve any kind of respect especially after how you displayed your true colors when someone criticizes your institution that is or never was above rebuke. The only way there is even debate about this is because of the irritatingly strong foothold of religion in politics that the Church can muscle legislation and push unconstitutional laws for their advantage, and no one questions this. Based on nothing but offense! Mideo Cruz never broke the law. He was practicing his basic human right to free speech and nothing else, if that speech steps on the toes of religious leaders so be it. As long as no one is harmed the right to freedom is absolute.

What’s that saying “My right to punch you ends when my fist hits your face”. In fact there are more reasons to punish the Christians who vandalized his exhibit because that is against the law.

3.) Noynoy and the Mindanao ‘substate’- Just don’t do it. Unless you want to give up Mindanao that badly.

4. Pacquiao and Paris- It’s official. I’m surrounded by morons. Why? It takes a really big one to like Paris Hilton. Who is basically famous for having lots of money and lacking in any form of self-respect, talent, or any means to actually become recognized in society. Come on, she become famous because she made a sex tape and a reality show that showed her ineptitude, stupidity, and complete vapidness to working conditions endured by people who live with less than $10 billion dollars in their bank account.

5.) ‘Witch’-shooting in Cotabato- When the hell did our society relegate back to the Middle Ages? Shooting someone because she was rumored to be a witch?! That’s the most disturbing and idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Basic logic extremely needed.

3 Tugon to “Returning…”

  1. Angry much?

  2. I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site. . . Any suggestions?.

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