The counter-SONA

The President gave his second State of the Nation Address yesterday and personally I found little to criticize since my major concern over his speech giving (leadership ability aside) he did no give way into the patterns that have become more of a liability than an asset as the past year wore on.

In fact, I sort of liked it. The monorail project and the credit rating upgrade, even the elevation of the no wang-wang position into a national symbol of eliminating corruption not only on the roads but also in government. It forms a coalescing picture o progress, , at least on the literary level if not on the literal level. If they manage to equate the ‘no wang-wang’ with success as I believe they have (they’re only real accomplishment) then they have nothing to lose when they elevate such a succes to a position of significant importance.

Note: by ‘real accomplishment’ I of course mean a positive result brought about by their own powers. So far, most if not all of the economic progress and projects put into motion in the past year have been agreed upon and closed by the past administration. So it can be argued that these cannot be counted as real accomplishments of the Aquino administration at least.

However, there were a few questionable points that were brought up as expose’s and revelations. The former heads of PAGCOR allegedly spent P1B for coffee. For anyone who hasn’t gambled at PAGCOR, the coffee is free. That’s right, cups of overpriced squeezed cocoa beans that usually went for P100 a cup is free to all of PAGCOR’s patrons. PAGCOR buys the coffee from coffee concessionaires. The criticism on the whole is directed at the coffee companies who,a ccroding to the new PAGCOR heads id not go through proper bidding and overpriced their products.

To the last point, is that really that big of a surprise? Oh my god overpriced coffee what are we going to do ahhh…However, the husband of the owner of the coffee concessionary in question gave a statement , Johnny Tan said that the 1B was an aggregate amount collected over nine years in the thirteen branches of PAGCOR.

So that point is in question. Another interesting development is that the minority is preparing their counter to the SONA (as per tradition), they will tackle not what was in the SONA (since it was pretty well delivered) but what wasn’t in it. Which basically was an economic plan for the next year as well as the budgetary plan for the government agencies (besides DPWH). The plan is basically to listen to the counter and see which is right and believable on the actual state of the country.

I know people and the President are calling on everyone for full support and stop with the criticisms but I’m afraid in the name of real progress I’ll have to decline since we need constructive criticisms to look into programs and projects with a critical eye and purposely look for problems so that they will not pose a large problem in the long run. Calling on people t help is fine but to call on people to stop criticizing when problems are clearly seen is a different matter altogether.

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