Note on a tree

Welcome stranger,

You’ve stumbled under the space of my tree. Even though it’s in the middle of the city it’s far away from any street light or reason. I’m the lord of this realm so you can say anything you want coz I sure as hell will.

Don’t worry, I’m not vindictive about who enters my space (as long as you don’t pee in it) I won’t let you go so easy though, you need to give me something first. An offended stare maybe? An uneasy feeling in your gut perhaps? Just make sure it’s worth the trouble.

Don’t have anything to trade? That’s fine. Just wander aimlessly in circles. In this land where my cigarette is the only source of light.


11 Tugon to “Note on a tree”

  1. naks naman gumaganown hehehehe

  2. gugmagiatay Says:

    ayos ha!!!

  3. wow!

  4. Nice to see you around.

  5. bunsongpanganay Says:

    we’re under the same tree and sharing the ONLY same light from our cigarette.

    Hell yah, jaz droppin’ by.

  6. Wow. New background.

  7. happy birthday!

  8. You seem to be getting some added traffics because of your friend from the Yahoo! News. 🙂

    • I know. He’s a prick but even pricks can be used as stepladders 😀 *evil*

  9. naks. i’m just blogwalking. but your post is so maangas! like! 🙂

  10. at least, you welcome the strangers.. nice one.

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