Contact Me

First, go to a dark isolated place like a vacant lot or a dark alleyway.

Then, light a candle or something similar like a cigarette.

Find the darkest spot there and look straight into it slowly chanting:

Ahhh! Bayga Gopa Lako

Ahhh! Bayga Gopa Lako

Keep repeating until you feel a hot breath down your neck. It’s either me or a rapist. Can’t say which is worse.

Or you could just e-mail me at the following addresses:

Or ask me a question at:

Or talk to me on twitter (can’t believe I’m using twitter):!/bluekanluran
Intelligent, funny and creative questions, inquiries and comments will be entertained and may be featured on upcoming posts. Moronic ones will be heavily prejudiced and will definitely be featured in upcoming posts.


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