Imbak para sa Hunyo, 2015

Staying Alive!

Posted in Neurotics with tags , , , , on Hunyo 21, 2015 by Blue Dela Kanluran

The last time I posted on this site was around two years ago, and a lot has changed since then on several levels. With all the different things going on I never had the time or the energy to blog about things. Forgetting the password to this site didn’t help in getting the motivation to write back up. When I finally got the password reset on this thing I was worried about the state it’s in.

Two years is a long time in internet time. In fact, it’s an eternity for a website to go without a single post. So, imagine my surprise when wordpress statistics says that the health of this blog is exactly the same as it was since the last post. It actually got healthier during the two solid years that I was ignoring it.

That makes no fucking sense! Looking at the numbers on a yearly basis my lowest years in terms of views were 2011 (when I started), and dipping very slightly in 2013. The number of visitors actually GREW in my absence, and its only this year 2015 when the views and visitors numbers actually reflect the reality that nothing new is going on.

Since the last time I wrote on this blog I’ve been in a couple companies, one was a BPO, and another was a slightly better BPO that operates on the internet. In the course of my stay there I learned a lot about how the net works behind the scenes (getting technical and shit). But, my stats fly in the face of what should happen when site goes dormant.

What’s going on? Is this place really this popular? Are people still talking about the things I used to talk about? Are spammers just trolling for site they can dump their stupid links on? The last one seems the most likely, but there should be a bunch of malware warnings attached to this site when they search it on Google (Aha! applying that technical shit I was talking about earlier).

Don’t get me wrong. I love that this place is still getting noticed even after I abandoned it for a couple of years, and it leaves me with a fuzzy feeling of contentment. That’s where I think the problem is though. I hate that feeling of warm fuzziness that happen when something good comes along. Contentment is a trap, its a euphemism for stagnation. Humans didn’t evolve to dominate this planet because they were content, we did it because everything else was trying to kill us!

As far as I’m concerned, contentment is the enemy of progress, which is why though I like Buddhists I don’t think they’re going anywhere with their philosophy. Struggle is the only way forward, because that’s how we push ourselves to find solutions. Without problems there’s no need to move forward.

The only reason you get up in the morning to a job is because you’re poor. The only reason you eat is because you feel pain when you don’t. Getting stuck in a happy rut is the reason why many people feel disenfranchised, depressed, and unfulfilled. If people get distracted by the small things that make them happy, they lose sight of the big picture and the goals they set in life.

This isn’t a popular opinion, gurus always say that people should enjoy the little things in life, stop and smell the roses, slow down, take a load off. This is nice to do every once in a while, but just to keep the stress the off your everyday life not an actual way to live.

If you live your life content with what you have you lose all drive to do absolutely anything else. The most successful people in the world are never satisfied. They always want more, and work to get more. People would call this greed, but those people are losers – literally.

Both wanting and needing drive people to reach newer heights. If you don’t want or need, you don’t gain anything and lose everything. This is why I’ll try to get more out of this blog from now on and drive to become something bigger, not exactly sure what bigger would mean in this case, but it’ll be a start.

I’m just glad to want to write nonsense again.