Guess what I did?

I haven’t written anything down on here in a while for one solitary and heavy reason. I entered Law school.

Yup, I actually did it and until now I still have no idea what I got myself into. I know I’ve always thought ever since last year (or even since I graduated) that I would go to law school as the next logical step in my education and getting the life I want but Oh Boy did I jump into a pool of sharks in this one.

I’m not even sure I’ve digested that I’m actually in. It’s been two weeks since I started and my brains kinda floating between serious studying and my usual slacker style of cruising to the finish line. The latter obviously won’t cut it since it is law school.

The style is worlds apart from college and I guess this is just the aftermath of some kind of mild culture shock. I mean, here I am writing when I’m supposed to be reading about cases on Statutory Construction. Hopefully, with this I can finally relax and get into a groove with this going back to school thing. Which has also served to reinforce my belief that school is a LOT harder than work.

I want to do well in school but I don’t want to get stagnant in writing too. I want to keep writing and have the time to keep writing. Anyway, that’s enough of this. I think I’ll post something about Egypt tomorrow and maybe something about the Euros (even though we all know Germany’s gonna win).


2 Tugon to “Guess what I did?”

  1. hahah, i’m patronizing you. šŸ™‚

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