Spam has the best comment ever!

Anyone on the internet is familiar with Spam. Whether its here on WordPress or on your e-mail account useless mail and traffic will never leave us alone. But sometimes spam can turn up some of the most interesting and outlandish of thoughts and sentiments. They’re so far out there that you can’t help but stare at it for a few minutes with your mouth open before turning away in disgust or laughing out loud. But this one really took the cake, I’m an amatuer troll myself but this is a true master of the art at work. I bow to your supremacy oh great one.

“If this make any sense to you, but having an extramarital affair over the years actually helped me stayed committed to my wife. I guess it is the “guilt” that I am two-timing on my wife that makes me want to make sure that the marriage is still working. I do admit that I feel ashamed that I am having sex with another woman, but I believe that is better than to seek a divorce and embroil my kids through all the legal proceedings. I always practice safe sex so that I would not contract any sexually transmitted disease and pass it onto my wife. So far having an affair has “helped” me be a better husband to my wife.”

6 Tugon to “Spam has the best comment ever!”

  1. What?! That’s a good troll. The first time I read something very off-topic. It makes sense but it doesn’t make sense. On what post did you get this?

  2. Says he is from the unclaims Cash Drive Service

  3. Very nice article and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is actually the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thx 🙂

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