The Blame Game Master

Countless people have asked it countless times before. Can P-Noy do anything other than blame other people for the problems that he’s supposed to be facing and trying to solve?

Well the consistent answer seems to be a resounding no. In fact, it is such a definitive trend in his style of governance that it has gone on to take it to absurd new heights never thought possible in coherent politics before.

In the recent Bulong-Pulungan Annual Christmas party at Sofitel he accused the judiciary, the arm of government concerned only with issues of law for being responsible with the bad shape of the economy. This is of course an absurd accusation but P-Noy explains his point in saying.

“These things do not exist in a vacuum, they all interact, a judicial system that doesn’t promote stability and certainty does not enhance the economic environment.”

Disregarding his misuse of the term vacuum (isolated would be more accurate) it seems the President misunderstands how the three branches interact as well. Blaming the judiciary for the shape of the economy is like blaming fishermen or market vendors for the problems currently faced by farming and agriculture.

Justice doesn’t and shouldn’t care about economic stability and its environs. It is merely concerned with the interpretations of the law and and enacting decisions based on it. Whether or not their actions have any effect on economy, as long as they stay true to what their doing, doesn’t really matter.

Aquino continued with his bashing of SC justiceĀ  Corona by saying “perhaps he should revisit the oath we all take in government have to undertake and remember exactly to whom we made the promise to and what was promised.”

And has he failed in doing so because he doesn’t promote stability? Who out of the two has stirred the shit between the two departments in the past year? Who has consistently been on the offensive even going as far as insulting the other to his face? Who has exhausted all efforts to demonize the other before the people?

Did Corona do all these things? I don’t think so.

But it did not stop there, during an interview on the same night he attributed the “losing battle” of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency against narcotics was because of dogs…or rather the lack of them.

As much as I would like to rebuttle his statement that PDEA only has one drug sniffing dog per region but I don’t have the latest statistics. However, I can say that P-Noy is wide off the mark if he thinks drug enforcers are just sitting on their butts without dogs to do their jobs for them.

According to a report in the problem isn’t the lack of dogs, it’s the lack of personnel. As in people. But that does not make them ineffective in any way.

PDEA-7 Regional Director Jigger Montallana, in the same report, said his office only has 50 personnel but somehow managed to conduct 215 operations in the first quarter, 233 in the second quarter and 225 in the third quarter of this year alone. Of all those operations they arrested 259 persons and filed 310 cases in court during the first quarter. Arrested 280 persons and filed 323 cases in the second quarter; while in the third quarter, they arrested 288 persons and filed 313 cases in court.

Yes they are having a tough time in getting the upper hand on drug smugglers and pushers but not for the reason P-Noy points to. We don’t need more dogs (thought they would be very helpful) we need more men.

Even to the most brain dead of officials it should be obvious that problems won’t go away if we complain about them and hope that someone else thinks of something. The only solutions to finding solution is to go out and actually do some finding. It is not the responsibility of the leader to assign blame or responsibility, it is the responsibility of the leader to take responsibility and be a leader. I’m still wondering when our President is going to step-up and be one.

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