Are homosexuals oppressed in Philippine society? And is the RH bill a front for their agenda?

A couple of days ago I came across an article linking the RH Bill with a quote “agenda to forward homosexuality”. Needless to say this made me raise an eyebrow because I read through the thing and even posted the latest version I could find somewhere on here in an earlier post and in nowhere in any of those pages did I find anything pertaining even remotely on homosexuality.

So I checked for the source and found the original (or the one closest to it as far as I can tell) in And after reading through it I can safely say its the most paranoid, unfounded pieces of narcotic induced dribble that ever found its way on the internet. The line of thinking that came into this speech can go on par with the 9/11 truthers who insist that the US government was behind the attacks on the Twin towers, or the people who believe a secret organization is working behind the scenes to bring about a New World Order.

In fact all the points made  were so delusionary that it reminds me of a guy that practically screamed the scrapping of the RH Bill because “it violates our constitutional rights” when every single one of the provisions he was against was already discarded many moths before he made his proclamation.

Okay a little background; the article was written based on a presentation by Dr. Ligaya Anacta Acosta regional director of Human Life International (HLI) Asia and Oceania. She worked for the DOH for 28 years, A Doctorate in Management, and Bachelor Degrees in Law and Social Work.

First she tackled the question of “are homosexuals really oppressed?”

“Are they really oppressed? We see many gays in the media… in fact, they lord it over [in the industry] so how can they say that they are being oppressed?”

Ok, I know there are a lot of gays in the media but lording over it is a bit of a stretch if we’re talking about statistics.

We need to stress that what Dr. Acosta probably means by media is entertainment, because I’m hard put to find any easily identifiable character who is openly homosexual on the grid of news or journalism. Which spans the regions of television, radio, and print. The only exception I can think off the top of my head would be Boy Abunda and even he would stretching it because he’s classified in entertainment as well.

Filipino entertainment thrives on three things: (1) romantic movies, soap operas and dramas (which, unless I’m very mistaken, is unsuitable for homosexual performers); (2) Noon time variety shows; and (3) Talk shows. Even in the last two categories homosexual personalities are scant and easily outnumbered by their straight peers. The only way gays have ever made it into the entertainment industry is through comedy and only through comedy (the only exceptions being Aiza Seguerra and Boy Abunda).

(Note: In this vein I’ve limited the discussion to tv personalities or persons easily recognizable. I have not included individuals who, though in the entertainment industry, work behind the scenes such as directors, cameramen, producers etc.)

Though all may agree that homosexuals are a colorful (and very loud) presence in entertainment (not media), the statement lording it over even there is a bit hard to swallow…statistically. However, the point stands, so what? There are gays in the media (entertainment). Does that automatically conclude for all arguments that no anti-gay sentiments exist in the Philippines? Of course not.

“But we have to understand that this is actually a Marxist mold to cast the homosexual revolution, which started as early as 1948,”

“A man named Harry Hay thought of the idea of a homosexual activist group, later formulating the principles that would give rise to the US-based group “Mattachine Society” as the first members would call it. The principles revolved around the concept “that homosexuals were a virtual minority oppressed by the dominant heterosexual majority, and that portraying them as oppressed is actually the key to selling the homosexual movement,”

(I really have no interest in Harry Hay since his ideologies and movements have little effect on societies half way around the globe years after his death and four decades after his society shut itself down). But here Acosta has a point, just because you’re the minority doesn’t mean you’re oppressed.

Since the current American president Barack Obama took office in 2009, the United States has made strides in the advancement of anti-life, anti-family legislation, including recognition of same-sex unions and discrimination against people who refuse to recognize such unions. Being true to the pro-abortion, pro-gay rights monicker given to him, the president has established an LGBT Month (LGBT stands for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders), appointed homosexuals as key officials in government, and carried out other measures that have ended up bestowing illegitimate rights on homosexual members of society.

Illegitimate rights? What, are they allowed to murder people now? What is she talking about? Surely not marriage because that’s hardly illegitimate at all.

“Sasabihin siguro ng iba, sa US lang ‘yan,”

“Hindi lang po ‘yan sa US because the policies of the United States of America affect the whole world… It’s actually also part of population control. If they cannot force us to legalize abortion or massively use contraception, then [they] promote homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Start at kindergarten… and therefore we have to know what is the agenda.”

Really? Promoting homosexuality in kindergarten? I can’t speak for myself but there might be a lot of schools that would consider that slander.

“Not too many people know that the RH bill also encourages homosexuality,”

I definitely didn’t. But we’re finally getting to it. Let’s see how a bill written for health could possibly forward some sort of agenda for homosexuality.

“Section 2, the Declaration of Policy, states that “The State recognizes and guarantees the exercise of universal basic human rights to reproductive health by all persons.”

Don’t see a problem with that.

“And then it says, ‘There shall be no discrimination against any person on the grounds’ “among others” ‘…of sexual orientation.’ You have to understand the doublespeak here. And of course, it refers to homosexuality\,”

No discrimination? Sounds reasonable enough. Don’t see a problem here either.

“It also says here, ‘The State guarantee to eradicate discriminatory practices, laws and policies that infringe on the person’s exercise of reproductive health rights.”

Eradicating discriminatory practices? That sounds good too. Don’t see a problem with this one either.

“Further, “gender equality” is defined in Section 4 (Definition of Terms) as “absence of discrimination, on the basis of a person’s sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Sounds about right. Aaaaand that’s about it. Apparently “don’t discriminate against homosexuals” means “everyone be gay”. Wow. A really powerful case they got here. How could I possibly defend such an incredible flaw. Really? This is the proof of a secret plot to forward homosexuality? How deluded  does anyone have to be to go from point A to point 431 in one go?

Oh wait, there’s more.

“Though media mileage may give the impression that a significant number of Filipinos exhibit homosexual behavior, it is actually the systematic implementation of an agenda by a small number of people that gives the illusion of huge numbers.

“I have to tell you that there is a huge homosexual network all over the world, and although constituting a minority only of less than 3% of the population, we have to know that the homosexual movement is highly organized and very well-financed,”

What? Wait a minute. A moment ago she was arguing that homosexuals were portraying themselves as an oppressed minority to forward an agenda and now she’s saying that the homosexuals are a minority but puts up the illusion of majority numbers to forward their movement? Which is it? Are they trying to make themselves look like a minority or a majority? You can’t even keep your own story straight.

“And it is international in scope, which is why they have international associations. They are also very anti-Catholic… and so with various organizations they have been influencing media, education and even religion. Here in the Philippines, there is the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the work of which is to influence politics and legislation, to build a powerful political movement, and they are actually succeeding a little in that area,”

Woah, alot of loaded statements here. Anti-Catholic and influencing media, education, religion influence politics and legislation. This is the part of the discussion where I’ll be a little skeptical and ask for some backing to her claims and I’ll reserve comment until such appears.

“The Human Rights Campaign is their political action committee to help elect homosexual congressional candidates and those favorable to their agenda,”

Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t that what every other political party wants? To have candidates favorable to their agenda elected.

I’ll add a couple of paragraphs from the article itself to wrap this whole thing up. Notice the choice of words here.

Amid tackling more issues regarding unfortunate consequences of homosexual activity and predisposing factors of leading to homosexuality, the pro-life advocate explained the need to spread the life-affirming message against the backdrop of the push for homosexual rights.

“Our goal in presenting to you the homosexual agenda is not really to incite hatred for those persons who suffer homosexual inclinations nor even against the gay activitists. It is to alert the public about the campaign to promote homosexual practice, and to call people — especially us in the Catholic Church — in all sectors to make a firm and appropriate response and address different approaches available to men and women of homosexual inclination who wish to leave… the life of active homosexuality.”

She reminded everyone that healing can be and has been found after living a homosexual lifestyle, and that “every sign of discrimination in their regard should be avoided,” quoting from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Returning to the question “Are gays oppressed?” it is amusing to see a woman who at first sought to disprove this ended up demonstrating to the letter. People (or a certain group) are qualified to call themselves oppressed when certain rights are denied them. When the right to be free from discrimination is considered as a negative, that in itself is discrimination, that is oppression.

No it seems Dr. Acosta is seeing fangs in flowers on this one. The agenda she claims to exist and the evidence she puts forward are completely non-existent. And the fact that anyone actually listened to this (much less take it seriously) is utterly laughable. Maybe she should try going into entertainment.

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