Are you ready for the end of the world (again)?

Let us all remember the events of almost half a year ago when the world reached fever pitch of expectation and bemused amusement as it watched the charismatic Harold Camping go down in holy flames when his prediction of a May 22 rapture failed to come into fruition. After the global disappointment of many fundamentalist fanatic Christians who gobbled his “divine” arithmetic and questionable logic in doing so in the manner that he did not much has come to be known of the failed modern prophet.

However, there is still hope for Mr. Camping and his raving cohorts. If you will remember he actually predicted two dates in the year 2011 when he thought the rapture would occur, May 22 was merely the first. Now we approach the second so-called “original” date of the rapture October 21, 2011.

That’s right just four days from now, this coming Friday, the wisdom of Harold Campings revelations will be seen as the glorious trumpets of Armageddon sound and all heavens angels will save the righteous and carry them to heaven back to the loving arms of the Father and all the wicked shall be left to suffer the torment that awaits in the rebirth of the world.

That is, if you’re willing to swallow the same flavored bullshit thousands the world over swallowed by the gallon-full merely a few months ago, so much so that many of them even donated to spread the word and “enlighten” the greater international public of what was (not) going to happen.

And if you are, then good for you! You’ll be a modern testament to the “Fool me once etc.” adage. See, even in stupidity you’ll be doing something.

In the spirit of said stupidity let us all celebrate out last remaining hours on earth with piety and humility in expectation of eternal bliss…or you could go about your lives like sane human beings, maybe even doing a random act of kindness along the way…or you could also party like it is the end of the world (using the rapture as an excuse) and do every sing putrid, disgusting, immoral, and indecent act that’s been festering in your twisted little mind all your life.

In any case, no matter which path you take in light of this (mis)information Happy October 21st everyone!

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