Imbak para sa Oktubre, 2011

Philippine government=Spineless cowards

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A few days ago military special forces and members of the MILF clashed in the island of Basilan leaving at least eighteen soldiers dead.

In the face of all this blatant pissing on the dignity of our military what does our President do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! He decides to keep going ahead with “peace talks” when almost half a century of experiences have told us that this DOES NOT WORK! These rebels aren’t or ever were interested in ever attaining peace. It should be painfully obvious to ANYONE that they will not stop until the own and control the entire island of Mindanao.

And we wonder why foreign investors don’t want to come to the Philippines.

P-Noy has launched an investigation to find out why our soldiers were put into such a situation to lose so many lives. Hmmm, let me think. They’re in a WARZONE! How does that answer your question? There are rebels everywhere!

We have lost too many resources, too much money, and too many lives in trying to appease these bastards. It doesn’t take a genius to see that it would be best not only for the economy but for the entire country if we blow these sons of bitches to kingdom come. The military outnumbers them at least 10 to 1. I assume the military has more firepower and transport and training.

So what’s stopping us from rooting out these rebel assholes that are the single largest reason we can never become a respected nation even in the small corner of South East Asia? The next biggest reason, out cowardly government. If the Estrada administration ever proved anything (besides the fact that you can’t sign fraudulent accounts under a false name in person) is that these rebels if and when it come to an all out war cannot match the Philippine military. It is merely the lack of spine so painfully evident in our present government that allows these murderous atrocities to continue.

Benigno Simeon Aquino III IS A COWARD. A far cry from the man that died for his country. He is a spectacle of shame and heralds no respect from anyone. If he allows rebels to shit in his yard and smile like he is doing now then he is a mouse of a man unworthy of his name.


Are you ready for the end of the world (again)?

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Let us all remember the events of almost half a year ago when the world reached fever pitch of expectation and bemused amusement as it watched the charismatic Harold Camping go down in holy flames when his prediction of a May 22 rapture failed to come into fruition. After the global disappointment of many fundamentalist fanatic Christians who gobbled his “divine” arithmetic and questionable logic in doing so in the manner that he did not much has come to be known of the failed modern prophet.

However, there is still hope for Mr. Camping and his raving cohorts. If you will remember he actually predicted two dates in the year 2011 when he thought the rapture would occur, May 22 was merely the first. Now we approach the second so-called “original” date of the rapture October 21, 2011.

That’s right just four days from now, this coming Friday, the wisdom of Harold Campings revelations will be seen as the glorious trumpets of Armageddon sound and all heavens angels will save the righteous and carry them to heaven back to the loving arms of the Father and all the wicked shall be left to suffer the torment that awaits in the rebirth of the world.

That is, if you’re willing to swallow the same flavored bullshit thousands the world over swallowed by the gallon-full merely a few months ago, so much so that many of them even donated to spread the word and “enlighten” the greater international public of what was (not) going to happen.

And if you are, then good for you! You’ll be a modern testament to the “Fool me once etc.” adage. See, even in stupidity you’ll be doing something.

In the spirit of said stupidity let us all celebrate out last remaining hours on earth with piety and humility in expectation of eternal bliss…or you could go about your lives like sane human beings, maybe even doing a random act of kindness along the way…or you could also party like it is the end of the world (using the rapture as an excuse) and do every sing putrid, disgusting, immoral, and indecent act that’s been festering in your twisted little mind all your life.

In any case, no matter which path you take in light of this (mis)information Happy October 21st everyone!

You will be missed

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As the entire world reels from the death of an icon, a slightly smaller one stops in disbelief at the loss of a friend. Karen Christine Maling, a Journalism graduate of the Universty of Santo Tomas dies last night due to a stroke. She was 22.

“Karen, bakit ang chaka ng huling pagkikita natin? Dun sa ilalim ng hagdan ng MRT Ortigas station, hindi man lang sa Megamall kung saan nahuli ka namin noon na nagpapa-make up sa mga ate dun sa department store make-up corner? Haaaay. Rest in peace, Karen. You’re one of the jolliest persons I’ve ever met, my thoughts are with you.”

-Kim Aira

“Excited ako ngayong araw dahil magkikita-kita tayo para i-celebrate ang birthday ni Guada. Feeling ko nga, after a year, ngayon yung araw na mabubuo ulit ang barkada. Pero iba ang bumungad sa akin kaninang umaga. Gising na gising ang diwa ko nung nabasa ko yung text na wala na si KarenChristine Monsalud Maling. :(( Iba pala ang mangyayari ngayong araw. Hindi pala tayo makukumpleto. :(( Nagtext ka pa nga sa amin kahapon na magkita tayo kasi pupunta ka ng abs. Kung alam ko lang na yun na yung last na pwede tayong magkita, sana nagawa ko. :(( Sobrang mamimiss kita. Salamat sa lahat ng memories. Kung nasan ka man ngayon, sana happy ka. Mahal kita kaibigan.”

-Lea Reyes

“I still can’t believe you’re gone. We may not have been classmates but you’ve touched my heart with joy and laughter. ‘Di ba magse-set pa ulit tayo ng outing after Galera? Andaya mo naman eh 😦 You’ll be forever missed KarenChristine Monsalud Maling. God bless your soul. We’ll continue to pray for your family”

-Anne Rose Gamboa

“So soon…you will be missed.Thank you for all of the great memories.”

-Maan Abarquez



“Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. Nag-update ka pa ng status mo kahapon eh. Diba papa-sexy pa tayo lalo? Bakit ang aga seatmate?”

-Sheila Laude

“Life is too short, especially for you KarenChristine Monsalud Maling. You had a bright future ahead of you, and I can’t believe I will never see you again. I can’t imagine how your best friends and family are feeling right now. Prayers for them, and for your soul. Rest in peace.”


“Malamang kung kausap kita ngayon ang sasabihin mo ay: “Ano be te, hindi ko man lang naranasan ang mag-asawa.” Karen, thank you for sharing your life to us. You definitely brought happiness and laughter. Bilang ikaw pa naman ang tahimik pero mabagsik sa punchlines. Hindi tayo close pero in fairness te masakit ha. Hindi pa ako makakain. Aminin mo, imposible sa akin iyon. Hai… Mamimiss ka talaga namin. Salamat.”


“It feels so surreal to hear the saddest news. there are no words that can describe the grief we feel. we will miss you so much. RIP KarenChristine Monsalud Maling

-Marvin Fadrigo

“‎KarenChristine Monsalud Maling: I WILL MISS YOU.”


R.I.P. with a life well lived

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Steve Jobs has passed away after a long standing battle with cancer. During his life he brought the world mega-products like the I-pod and I-pad that completely revoliutionized the technology we use for everyday living.

He showed us and effectively catapulted us intothe future with his vision, imagination and will.

In the hearts and minds of his fans and well-wishers Steve Jobs will always be that guy on stage wearing a black turtleneck and jeans pulling some new freakishly small product from out of his pants.

We will all remember Steve fondly, evreytime we illegally download songs into our I-pods.

Rest in Peace Steve, you will be missed.