Kicking the dog

I cannot fathom (no matter how hard I try) the apparent inexplicable and often all-encompassing virulent animosity of a large fraction of Filipino people to the national football team the Azkals.

This much is apparent whenever one reads online articles featuring the underdog team on or off the pitch. Comments like:

“puro publicity lang ang azkal. nka isang panalo lang lalaki ng agad mga ulo”

“as usual puro porma at yabang lang”


“magartista na lang kayo. bano nman kayo ss football!”

“tangna nyo azkals!”

“O_ E_ R _T _D!”

Even the fans that offer a mild balance to the discussion have been targeted.

“cge sumuporta k s plaging talo”

“theres a big difference between ‘real football player’ and ‘artista’! ang askal kasi puro papogi lang sa camera. walang galing talaga sa football. picture! picture!”

“mas bobo ka brad”

All these comments have been given multiple thumbs ups or were supported by other comments of the same line of thinking.

And what are these “puro pa-porma” and “mayabang” “na bano naman sa football” players up to in the mwntioned article that garnered them such malignment? Playing for charity

As you can see by the spelling errors that these are not paraphrased. These are the real thoughts and words of the public, well at least the noisy part of it. This is probably the first that I’ve ever heard a national team become so loved and then become the target of such violent criticism in so short a time.

Much of this apparent anger may be surmised to stem from a combination of jealousy, disappointment and lack of common sense. Jealousy because of the sudden insurgent rise of some of the players whether it be through playing ability or good looks. Disappointment at the supposed string of losses the team had failed to live up to expectations even after being backed by multiple sponsors. And the lack of common sense just encompasses all of their reasons.

I can understand the animosity regarding the some of the players fame when the rest of the team are as deserving of media exposure. However, is it necessarily the fault of such players that they were given such opportunities and others weren’t? If they were offered support in furthering their cause and spreading their message about playing football because of their passion for the game in exchange for doing a commercial or two do you expect them to refuse?

There is also the issue of racial prejudice against half Filipinos who make up about 60%-75% of the total fighting force of the Azkals.

“Bakit hindi sila kumukuha ng mga player na sariling atin?”

Simple, because there aren’t any. And newsflash the half-Filipino players don’t have to come and play for the national team. They don’t have to travel half the globe to represent a bunch vindictive scumbags who don’t know a thing about the game they play.

They make 10-20,000 euros by playing in their own countries. A pay-day that the country can not hope to match in this lifetime. The Azkals are a charity case. Because they want to uplift the image and honor the country that one of their parents hailed from the best way they can. Because they feel a connection, a heritage to these far-flung group of islands. And what do they get in return? Ridicule. Snide, uncultured, misplaced egotism based on racial prejudice and intellectual ineptitude.

I can also understand their disappointment at the losses the team had in the few months of their campaign. But statistically since their recognition started of their upset of Vietnam they went up against Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kuwait. Out of nine matches they drew three and lost four. Of course we want them to win but what can you expect from a developing team that’s only getting started. Even the heads of the PFF acknowledge that it’ll be another four years (at least) before we can see a homegrown star like Chiffy Caligdong.

These comments are uneducated, idiotic and (insert your favorite swear word here). They are born of an unreasonable jealousy that is ugly and makes the rest of us not want to be associated with them under the nationalistic title of Filipino.

Inbred thinkers that think just because they have a computer, watched two football games, and have the freedom to say what they will (no matter how inane) they are suddenly experts in every field, and topic that crosses their dull witted sights.

There are however, some arguments that go along the lines of sanity. These arguments go:

“Why should we support the Azkals who have all these sponsors but haven’t won any major matches when similar obscure teams like the Philippine Dragon Warriors who until have no major sponsors and worse have been stripped of their national team status and yet bring back gold to the Philippines”

Yes I agree we should support the Philippine Dragon Warriors. And yes they do seem more deserving of our support because of their success (Assuming any of you have even heard of them before 2010). However, this does not mean that we should withdraw support from anyone else. Unlike oil nationalistic pride is a reusable resource. It is possible to support both teams, and why not? Is there a rule that says if you support the Azkals you can’t support the Warriors, or the Volcanoes, or the Smart Gilas. They all play for the country why should you limit yourself in choosing in which team to support when all Philippine teams goals are exactly the same.

What is at play in this argument is the “Kapit sa Panalo (o sa tingin mo kung sino mananalo)’ thinking prevalent even during elections. The logic goes “If you vote for the candidate you when that candidate has little chance to win, you wasted your vote. Instead vote for a candidate you don’t necessarily like but you think will win.” This is a stupidly flawed idea of the need to being on the ‘winning team’. The same goes here throw our support behind the winners so we can be winners too…No, not really. It’s insecure and immature to think like this

Oh yeah, James and Phils mother died two Saturdays ago but are still going to play in the Long Teng Tournament for the Azkals. You should feel really proud of yourselves now.

5 Tugon to “Kicking the dog”

  1. Such harsh comments. I think those people didn’t even know how to play football.

  2. human fashions…

    Recently, I did not give lots of consideration to leaving responses on site page reports and have positioned responses even less. Reading through by way of your enjoyable article, will assist me to do so sometimes….

  3. i just wish people would be more rational and could say their opinions without being offensive. the comments were really just juvenile. halatang hindi pinag-isipan.

    thanks for posting this.

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