The mafia on the world stage

Yesterday (or was it the day before that?) Libyan rebels invaded the capital of Tripoli where Libyan strongman Moammar Ghadaffi was directing his forces and served as the center for the regime loyalist Libyans. No doubt this is a big step for the rebels in overthrowing the decades long regime. It is the stage of the last battle, the boss fight that will decide the fate of a country and its people. Some people are even viewing this recent development as an end to an oppressive totalitarian force in the African Atlantic, and everlasting peace will be attained after its ultimate defeat.


You are so wrong.

Think about it. What would the rebels winning this Civil War actually entail for the rest of the world? Nothing. All we get is another unstable Islamic country that is ruled by rebels who were formerly (and for the most part still) connected with terror cells like Al-Qaida who rose to power with the aid (weapons and training) from the Western powers. It’s like Afghanistan never even happened.

And if history can relied on as an accurate predictor of future events (and it most certainly is) this is just going to be another war for everyone in the future (with the Libyans better armed and better trained.)

So why in God’s green earth are NATO forces even helping the rebels? Your guess is as good as mine. Seriously, we really have no idea. This entire fiasco started when Egypt toppled Mubarak in a non-military campaign not unlike People Power and the entire domino of Islamic states under totalitarian governments imitated them. Needless to say some leaders decided not to go with the flow and established crackdowns on dissident groups.

What really turned the world on its ear was when Obama, the Democrat President of the US, decided to aid rebels fighting against the government in Libya. Why Libya? Why not Bahrain or Syria who also established crackdowns in their respective territories and are currently in conflict? Why did America and NATO decide to aid the rebels fighting a government of an oil-rich country that did not do business with them? I don’t know.

Seriously, the attack on Libya was so out of the blue that for the first few weeks not even Americans were sure why they were there and were constantly calling for the government to pull out. Hell, they were supposed to be pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan by now. And again, why Libya all of a sudden? It’s no secret that the worlds greatest threat to its safety is North Korea (working missiles or not). Why isn’t anyone attacking them?

And no one can say that NATO is helping the Libyan people establish their own system and help govern themselves because they were under an oppressive government because North Korea and Zimbabwe top the list on human rights violations and oppression. And the line about helping the Libyan people decide their own fates is complete bullshit. The country was split in the middle, there was no majority of oppressed, there was no general dissent among the Libyan people. If you go to Benghazi you’ll see loads of rebel supporters, if you go to Tripoli you’ll see loads of regime supporters. Ghadaffi isn’t as unanimously hated as the international audience would assume. Surely more people hate Mugabe but no ones protecting anyone from him.

But the biggest load of bull ever to come out of the NATO side (besides their bombs) is the party line : “Their protecting Libyans”  bullshit!

How many hospitals, homes, and other civilian buildings have they bombed, all because the rebels said those places held Ghadaffi troops. They’ve killed way too many of them to ever claim they were ever protecting them.

I remember a Washington analyst say (right around the time when this was all starting) that there have been talk that this was something about oil. Really? You think? How did you come up with that conclusion? Yes they’re after the oil anyone who’s even bothering to look at this situation automatically knows it’s about the oil. Why else would NATO and America decide to declare war on a country that (compared to others) was a relatively benign and economically forward presence in N. Africa.

It simply amazes me how many people (on Yahoo) somehow agree with whats going on. As if the result of the conflict will inexplicably affect them. If and when the rebels they can feel their false sense of achievement and they’ll get their effects. When they’re fighting the exact same people because they’re (I don’t know) funding terror cells or something.

Note: I have this nagging feeling I spelled Ghadaffi wrong.

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  1. “Note: I have this nagging feeling I spelled Ghadaffi wrong.” -Actually, it has different spellings.

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