Charice?! Are you serious?!

Just when I thought that the misinformed insanity of the public couldn’t get any more ridiculous I am once again stunned to be proven wrong at the levels of inanity the public holds.

I was still in the middle of researching for the second part of the Gaga Illuminati article when an even more idiotic idea surfaced. Another famous name in the music industry was being implicated in the shadowy workings of the infamous New World conspirators. Charice Pempengco.

Are fucking kidding me?! Of all the singers, in all of the genres, in all of the world, the latest Illuminati member is Charice?!

Just because she sang a song entitled ‘Pyramid’?

I have more than my share of criticisms for the pint-sized balladress but an Illuminati has got to be the most idiotic, insane, misguided piece of driveled crap I’ve ever heard.

It’s gotten to a point where the conspiracy theories and the morons who believe them have become so mind numbingly irritating that they there are scarcely enough negative adjectives to describe them.

First of all, (I’ve already said in the other article) that the pyramid and the “All seeing Eye” are NOT symbols of the Illuminati. The closest thing they can be ascribed to is Freemasonry. Hell, why the fuck are we even talking about a pyramid?!

I will say this again. The Illuminati and Freemasonry are NOT the same thing. The eye of Providence or “All seeing Eye” is popularly purported as the symbol of the fraternity there is heated historical debate over this. Some Masons would even go as far as to say that the eye is definitely not a symbol of Freemasonry.

The Illuminati were a Bavarian group of freethinkers organized only a few centuries in the past, and were disbanded merely a decade after its foundation. A group that is supposedly controlling everything from behind the scenes to bring about a “New Wold Order” DOES NOT EXIST. I cannot say that enough.

There is no evidence besides fiction that any such group exists.

The only connection between ‘Pyramid’ and Freemasonry is doubtful at best. Evidence points to Masonic rituals connected to the pyramids were formed before the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 and were therefore considered irregular lodges. In other words, “not formally recognized”.

So, to the question “Are pyramids symbols of modern-day Freemasonry?” No, they are not.

The only other connection Freemasonry has with pyramids is a description from the movie ‘National Treasure’. It’s a good movie for becoming interested in history and a lot of the references they used were accurate but people need to remember it’s a fictional movie, featuring a fictional quest, in search for a fictional treasure.

I just hate it when elementary level moronics seep into my news feed.

2 Tugon to “Charice?! Are you serious?!”

  1. Bring down the fucking goverment! there hiding stuff fiom us.

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