I am an atheist

In a post I made a few months I made my declaration that I was not an atheist that was when I was still reserved on what I believed and what I did not believe and one thing was absolutely clear to me then. That if there were a God there was no way he/she/it would be represented by the hypocritic, cruel and discriminative Church. I have made no secret of my distaste for the religious institution that dominates this country poisoning the education and political systems.

However, after conducting talking and listening to a lot of people, conducting my own research, finding my own answers to questions posed about morals, creation, the Bible, the Quran etc., and I found that religion simply has no suitable answer for any of those questions. And in fact propose and demonstrate values that are completely opposite of what are supposedly taught.

So, I hereby make a formal declaration that after finding answers for myself I have found no reasonable and justifiable cause to believe that a God exists. Based on the demonstrable evidence humankind possesses now, I reject the idea of the God of the Bible, the Yahweh of the Torah, the Allah of the Quran, and the pantheon of Brahman. I reject the divinity of Jesus, the sanctity of the Holy Spirit, the message of Mohammed, and the existence of heaven and hell. The Abrahamic books are a collection of fictional works compiled and edited by humanity not unlike the Odyssey and the Aeneid. These books hold no moralistic value whatsoever and are furthermore poisonous and downright evil.

I am an atheist.

No this is not a joke. If there are any questions, challenges, arguments and violent reactions fell free to contact me and I’ll answer as calmly as I can.

2 Tugon to “I am an atheist”

  1. the bible holds a few moralistic value, like, love your neighbor (which i take that they just want us to respect them, not literally love them. he he), don’t steal (which we all know is particularly hard for our politicians- hence they requested the separation of church from state. ha ha ha!) and my all time favorite, don’t fuck someone who is already fucking someone else.

  2. Those values aren’t exclusive to the Bible though. Even without it respect and not stealing are pretty much universal regardless of religious belief or non-belief. fail on the second one though 😛

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