Open letter reply

This is a (fictional) reply to the open letter posted in burskys blog post “Save thwe Philippine Dragon Boat Team”

Dear Kurt Ubanozo,

I have received your open letter to address your concerns about the Philippine Dragon Boat Team and would like to thank you for directing my attention to your concerns to which I am replying with my answer on the subject.

As I have extemporaneously repeated in my speeches during the campaign period and the one year duration of my administration “Kayo ang Boss Ko” however, I have made it very clear during the last twelve months that this is sorely untrue and your opinions cannot mean less to me.

I only have disdain for any kind of reproach or rebuke to my “governing style”and all types opposition are methodically discarded from my scope of relevant events as nothing more than efforts of the allied powers of the past administration to derail my overly-touted “straight path”.

Because the past administration is the only reason there is anything wrong with my administration. Every anomaly, problem, gaffe, fallacy, negative, and wrongdoing is and only can be the result of the past administrations corruption. Even though I’ve already had more than enough time to correct or at the very least initialize the reverse of the Arroyo governments adverse effects or build upon its positive aspects is beside the point. In fact I may find a reason to blame your problem upon them as well.

I cannot reassign the rights of the PDBF back to it from the PCKF because, as I have already stated, I will not listen to any valid argument that does not conform with my own neurosis. In addition, I probably have one of my KKK’s in the PCKF making their designation irreversible and concrete.

I have little interest in sports or anything that brings this country “honor” if it doesn’t carry much media mileage. As I have repeatedly demonstrated my attentions are more focused on expensive cars, videogames, and women who are so young if I were not the President I would be labeled as a pervert or a dirty old man. Any topic falling outside of this spectrum like economics, social security, healthcare, national defense, international relations, environmental rejuvenation and preservation, power generation, and calamity preparedness are out of my touch.

Once again I thank you for your letter and directly addressing your concern to me though I cannot help and you may have been better served if you pointed your query to someone more competent than I.

Respectfully Yours,

Benigno Z. Aquino III

Presidente ng Republika ng dilaw na Pilipinas


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  1. ang cute lng ng dilaw na pilipinas hehehe aun lang nosebleed ako hehehehe

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