Again, I hate kids

Alright, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here that related to the country other than my lit from the past. So, on the occassion of my finally finding something interesting in the news (besides #standuptoChina) I’m posting my thoughts on not one but two articles that have caught my eye today.

The first one is about dealing with the ‘Batang Hamog’. For those who don’t know what that is, they are a gang of street children that are notorious in the streets of the Metro. Their modus operandi is one of the children will distract the driver while the other dirty brats will unlock the doors and steal everything in reach. So usually they are meet with angry words or furious beatings (something they deserve in my opinion).

But according to child psychologist Ali Ng Gui (raise your hand if you don’t think this is a real name) these are not the proper methods in dealing with Batang Hamog or street children in general. They need to treated with understanding because they expect violence which causes their twisted mindsets.

Well, truth be told, it’s a little hard not to try and beat someone to death if that someones trying to rob you blind let alone try to be understanding. I doubt these kids will do any listening since their lack of education, barred by the chance because of the poverty of their parents which is no ones fault but their own, will render them unable to change their indoctrinated mindsets of stealing because of poverty is alright as it is demonstrated to be equally unchangable in biological adults. I say biological because only in body are they deemed to be of age as most of them are callous and immature when dealing with the rest of the world.

But that’s just half of it. Yesterday news broke out that youth group is asking the government for student discounts for the MRT/LRT. Obviously, these youth groups are too busy entertaining their own hubris to notice the situation for the rest of the country. I’ve already said it before in countering a columnist when he said something along the lines of this and I’ll say it again.

Government subsidies are losing billions every year to keep the prices as low as they already are and you want a discount?! Not to mention that the service is only available to Mtero Manila, not even the entire populous of the National Capital Region can use it readily. They say P50 pesos is a big help to the humble student, well a billion pesos will be a very big help to the country for programs all Filipinos can actually use.

If they only pull head from ass once in a while they will understand why such a discount is impossible and that a price hike is only inevitable (hopefully sooner rather than later). I live in Manila and even I can see how this affects the rest of the country.

They used the reasoning that a senior discount is available so why not one for students? Well, as I disagree with the senior discounts as well there is a small reason why one is avaialble and not the other. And that is seniors have spent the last 40+ years of their lives paying taxes and actually contributing to society while students have not event lived half as long as they have worked. So, if discounts are to be given seniors are far more deserving than students.

And don’t give me that children are the future crap. Children have been the future for as long as I can remember and we’re still mired in shit, only going deeper. Yes I was once a student and a child. but as far as I can recall I never stole from somebodys car or asked for discounts when it wasn’t due, especially when thousands of people are losing their tax money over it.


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