The advantage of no divorce/the mistake called marriage


Though I may seem to most an aggressive liberal that will take whatever stand that is against popular opinion (whether they be concerning drugs, prostitution, or democracy) I do have standards and reasons why I take the stands I do. And as such I strongly antagonistic of the concept of legalizing divorce in this country.

The reason is simple. I don’t want divorce to become a reality in the Philippines because it offers a much too simple alternative to solving marital problems and challenges. It is also a selfish measure when children are involved.

There is no greater trauma to a young mind than seeing the most cherished people in their lives bitterly arguing about a petty disagreement and effectively tearing themselves apart. I cannot even imagine how that would feel and if I could even be able to cope if it did happen to me.

I love my parents (though evidence points to the contrary) and I hate for them to go through such oppressive and sanctimonious bullshit brought on by something as vain as a divorce trial.

However, as recent events have enlightened me there are certain situations when simply getting the fuck out is the only viable option to keep yourself (and most of your sanity) intact.

Abusive partners, Cheating partners, Freeloading bum partners etc. When I argued against divorce to foreigners who were used to the measure I always stated the analogy of a condemned building without an exit sign.

If a back-door for an easy escape were not available people would think five or six times before entering. Because thats what marriage basically is; a decrepit, dangerous, condemned building that will fall at the smallest provocation.

The only way one would be mindless enough to enter such a realm would be the presence of a partner that you would trust your life with to keep the building up.

Marriage isn’t a game. That’s the bottomline. As anti-romantic as my sentiments can be marriage isn’t “Oh I love you so much let’s get married and spend the rest of our lives together”. NO. There are a vast spectrum of variables to consider before jumping into it.

There’s income, employment, shelter, food, progressive lifestyle, and that’s just when there are two of you. The problems become multiplied a hundred fold if you decide to have kids.

Obviously, I’m barely scratching the surface of the things to consider before getting hitched but I’m not there as of yet so I really have no idea.

Knowing that your not ready should be the lesson that no divorce should make painfully plain to us. If you can barely support yourself don’t get married. Simple. Unfortunately, there are people listen more to a pumping blood machine more than their brains.

These are the people that say ‘I do’ while still living with their parents. That’s just pathetic. These are the people who are glaringly unfit to start a family together yet still go ahead with it because of romantic notions that they ‘could get through it’ or ‘they’ll be together forever no matter what’.

Those are the kinds of immature mind sets that should be avoided and are proficiently being coddled by divorce as well as romantic cultures.

Make no mistake I am not aligning myself with the hypocritic line of the Church that marriage is a sacred bond before God blah blah blah. Hypocritic because while they maintain the sanctity of marriage against divorce and same-sex marriage they also allow marriages to be dissolved and annulled even after making all that broo-ha-ha about ’till death do us part’. Especially when it come to celebrity marriages *cough* Kris Aquino *cough*.

Roman mythology had a deity named Janus who had two faces on his head. If the church were that, both faces would be talking at the same time when confronted with this issue.

My reasons are pragmatic and rational to societal survival, theirs is superstitious and all too often ignored.

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