The last straw


As the second season of Glee comes to an end I find myself getting less and less interested. The only lynch keeping me to the show (like a lot of Filipinos) is the final appearance of Charice. And believe me that is a very poor reason to watch.

It seems somewhere along the series young and over-hyped life the story had its luster fade. In the drive to make the show edgy it has merely succeeded in becoming irritating. Maybe it’s because we expect so much of the show that they are spectacularly falling short of those expectation. Well, maybe not, the story is still delivering just not in the same way it did last year.

My first peeve was Sam. At first he seemed an alright guy with abnormally huge lips. Thats ok, it gave him a character flaw. But as time passed he seemed to get (forgive the term) gayer with every episode. The character has been with both Quinn and Santana and he still succeeds in looking like tantrum throwing pansy. Maybe if they give him a real problem to deal with he might become tolerable. Ok fine he lost two girlfriends in half a year but instead of feeling sorry for him I just felt like he deserved it. Somethings wrong with the delivery? I don’t know.

Another peeve I’ve developed is Zeise(?) am I spelling that right? Anyway, I seriously question her part in the show. I know Shuster has an accept all policy but its a Glee club, at least be able to sing (Mike Chang is an exception coz he makes an excellent zombie).

Third, that fucking Justin Bieber episode. I killed my TV just so I couldn’t watch that shit.

Final draw. They sang Friday on the Prom episode. Friday?! Are you serious? The most hated song of all time? And on the prom episode no less. When I first heard about it I thought they were going to something like what they did to ‘The Climb’ *sigh*. Fine they fixed up the tune and the people who performed could actually sing. (Get a voice before you post an MV ya idiot) but the lyrics made my cat die.

(I have the sneaking suspicion this is a rip off of Imelda Papins ‘Isang Linggong Pagmamahal’)

My girlfriend never even heard the song before yesterday and she burst out laughing at the lyrics while I was in a corner trying not to eat my fingers. Point is its a horrible move that can only push viewers away if statistics are to be believed. Let’s just say millions of people are thanking god for the dislike button.

The show used to be about good music but I have no idea what the hell is going on now. So, from now on I’m going on a hiatus from Glee I’ll just watch the finale coz Charice is going to be there (I repeat: a very poor reason to watch the show). By the way, judging by the tone of this entire season they should rename the show to the Kurt Hummel show.

4 Tugon to “The last straw”

  1. Sam has a problem now. He’s poor or he turned poor. You should watch last week’s episode. It introduce Sam’s story arc in the whole series.

    And yes, I, too, am only waiting for the Charice episode. But the story did improve when they introduced Sam’s arc.

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