Ever since the last olympics I’ve been hoping and praying that a season like this will come. The year when the ‘invincible’, ‘unstoppable’ LA Lakers will finally be stopped in the most humiliating manner ever! In a recent article about the Lakers downfall and shaky future the author observed that Lakers fans are covering their faces in shame and the people who aren’t Lakers fans are laughing at the Lakers fans. It’s true. I’ve made a point of laughing at every Lakers fan I could find.

Another personal win for me is the Bulls are fighting back this year. Hopefully, they can rise up again to become one of the top teams like in the days of the ‘real’ greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan.

Now, I’m not a sports guy and I don’t watch a lot of it so I’m not privy to stats or such. I just never really like Kobe after he split with Shaq. It felt wrong. Anyway below is a chart filled at the start of the pla-off season, I found it this morning and got such a huge kick I had to post it here.

Who will win the NBA title this year?

Thanks for being one of the first people to vote. Results will be available soon.

Check for results:

LA Lakers 46 % LA Lakers 1,684 votes

San Antonio Spurs 7 % San Antonio Spurs 263 votes

Chicago Bulls 12 % Chicago Bulls 436 votes

Boston Celtics 14 % Boston Celtics 500 votes

Miami Heat 19 % Miami Heat 684 votes

Oklahoma City Thunder 2 % Oklahoma City Thunder 76 votes

Skip to resultsBack to voting Total Responses: 3,643

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