Go forth and “multiply”


I’m aware of the social and pseudo-religious implications the title of my post has. Especially (if you’ve ever read any part of this blog) given my stance on things even remotely allusive to outdated and currently meaningless church teachings ie. “go forth and multiply” which has undertones of the arguments regarding the RH debates on which I have made my voice abundantly heard.

But it is not to this that I make this post after an absence of more than a few days. This is regarding another form of multiplication (and yes we’re still talking about people logistics and not of simple mathematics, in case any of you try to take a “philosophical” view on this).

Once again, I found myself in the more often than not thankless position of playing mentor to another small bunch bright-eyed, hopeful,¬† I’m-going-to-take-the-world-by-storm youths. It’s apparently my task to field and guide them through the clandestine, confusing, and often disappointing world of labor where most adults are forced to dwell in the modern age version battle for survival (some choose not to and have other adults descend into that world for them. These are called jack-assess).
But who am I to presume that I am in a position higher than they who are barely younger than me (I’m not exaggerating. I graduated at least one and half year early). Besides, what am I not to teach? Experience? I’m barely getting that myself. Wisdom? Again, I’m too young to be trusted with that and I think it would be totally lost on them. In fact, the only thing I could possibly give them (besides my body) is my singular point of view on things. It’s the one thing that sets me slightly apart from the rest of world that I know of.

And what is my world view? In a word. Allofyousuck. An even better word would be negative. I’ve descended into the blackest pits of the internet and (by my own volition) witnessed the dark things men can do to each other through the veils of politics, religion, manners, and ethics.

Where others see the magnificent flickering light of a candle glowing resolutely in the darkness, a testament to life with every twitch and movement so filled with grace and effortless existence that it can only be called alive while not being so.

I see the shadow it casts, flinging the hapless form deeper into the shadows which it helped create, casting it aside as if something disgusting, keeping tit as far away from it as possible. Ignored, contemptible. Why does the light suffer the darkness to exist. What of the things in the dark that writhe and struggle unseen? Do those in the light not know that they merely seek what they have? Are those created in the dark denied happiness, hope…love? Why must light and life cause shadow and death?

People curse me and call me unfair to feel bitter and angry but what else is there when we are made to gaze each day at the moments of warm life that we can never obtain. That’s why we struggle and kick to lift ourselves out of the darkness. Do we not deserve a chance? A chance to be in the light. We do things that are at our disposal. With the methods we learned because no one taught us otherwise. For the simple reason of wanting to be in the light. And you dare call us evil? How are we to know? When it is all we’ve seen. All we’ve felt. While you languish in the ethereal glowing dream that are your lives as we labor for every stinking breath we take. What did angels care for the damned? What was God thinking when he made the Devil by existing himself?

A stone to be kicked. An insect to be crushed. A being born to do nothing but die.

These are how I view things. Just imagine if I imparted what I believed to these young minds raw from the system of redundant schooling, void of any real education. Imagine again if they listened and took my ideas as their own, modifying them for their own use, based on their specter of life, and they grew old and imparted those ideas to even more young people. Pay it forward works more profoundly in ideas than works. For while the latter is difficult to execute and its effect volatile and fleeting, the former can be done with a few simple words and can lie in wait in their minds like a virus slowly spreading and infecting every inch of their psyche until they succumb to it completely. For that is what an idea is, a virus, much like the sperm or the human race on the Earth.

If I mentor these minds they might become infected with my virus. Let’s face it, do we really need more cynical SOB’s running their fingers frantically over a keyboard prattling about how everything around them sucks while their at the office supposedly contributing to society?

For now, I refuse. Maybe another time. Right now I’m content with the traditional interpretation of “go forth and multiply”

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  1. Hey, just ran into this web site from reddit. It is not an article I would typically read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanks for making a blog post worth reading!

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