Another RH post (I seem to be doing this a lot)


I refrained from posting anything on my blog for the most part of the Holy Weekend for two reasons: 1.) I was on the beach (possibly lying) and 2.) Because it’s the Church’s one time to go all out for their faith, even though it was riddled with propaganda. I stopped myself to give them their time in the sun, but it’s Monday today and the ceasefire (from my end) is over.

You’ll notice the words I used were ‘stopped myself’. The reason behind this is mainly because the Church’s representatives have once again run their mouths off about how to run the world through their specter of view while simultaneously sounding authoritative and conflicting at the same time.

Recently the Church has doomed P-Noy for supporting the RH Bill calling him of less faith than his mother and sisters (I can’t wait what they’ll call me). As well as labeling those who support the Bill as misguided and lacking knowledge of the provisions of the Bill.

That’s hard to believe since the story seems to go the other way around. The Church staunchly resists the Bill because it allegedly legalizes abortions. While nowhere does it say there that abortion will be made legal. The in/famous Archbishop Oscar Cruz had explained in an interview in ANC that even though it is not written it is there, abortion will be allowed.

It’s not written but it’s there? I guess that makes sense for a guy that advocates something like the even though I can’t see, hear, smell, feel, or recognize it any observable way it exists as long its the unseeable, unhearable, unsmellable, unfeelable entity that I preach about. If it’s a different unrecognizable being of unobservable existence it doesn’t exist.

“We are against contraception to protect the right of the unborn child”. Newsflash: There is no unborn child yet! Contraception prevents the sperm meeting the egg therefore no unborn life to protect. Anti-contraceptionists are vying for the rights of individual cells. In which case they should charge every single woman of murder every month for menstruating.

Now for the conflicting part. In a recent story Jose Cardinal Sanchez said “He (P-Noy) is now losing his popularity. He has no firm idea on marriage. It is too much politics now and no longer religion. (His) mother (the late former President Corazon Aquino) and (his) sisters have more faith than him” he urged priests and bishops to go on what he calls a “charm offensive” a tactic that entails the clergy to befriend lawmakers to win them over to their side regarding the debate on the RH Bill.

In my old post “Look behind you no ones there” I mentioned that the Church should seriously start considering a change of strategy, almost exactly what Sanchez is suggesting after I made the post (someones been reading my blog :)).
Sanchez’s suggestion would have worked if it weren’t for the above-mentioned quote. What the “charm offensive” really is, is politics 101. Befriend who you need to befriend to get what you want. To which I ‘want’ to mention the separation of church and state. I ‘want’ to mention it but I won’t since nobody really understands what the hell that means anymore since the Church still has a death-grip on government and politics. Going so far as to call someone un-Catholic for reasons that are exclusively within the realm of political governance and not of the religious soul proves that.

I recognize that there are a lot of problems in the Philippines i.e. education, housing, employment. These are all essentially important sectors that have gone to the trash bin for various reasons I could never fully understand. Again, this could all be much easier to solve if there were at least some semblance of control on population. In the words of Archbishop Cruz “Do you think that the solution to everything is to have fewer people?” YES!

A smaller population is easier to control, educate, employ, police, and manage. We have thousands upon thousands of OFW’s working abroad, so much that they’re practically taking over various sectors of the countries they’re visiting (like Orchard Road in Singapore), and we’re still talking about overpopulation. That should be a clue as to how overpopulated we are.

Did I mention that there are also priests who are pro-RH Bill. It’s a miracle!


2 Tugon to “Another RH post (I seem to be doing this a lot)”

  1. Have you heard? Priests call RH bill supporters terrorists now.

    While we’re at defending every single cell that the human bodies produce, we should start sweeping up skin cells we shed every few minutes and try to revive them so we could use them again. ewww

  2. RH Bill supports the use of contraceptive pills. And when the church says abortion, what they really mean is the term abortifacient. Got it here from
    Wikipedia and from Medical Dictionary. And if you think population is directly proportional to the poverty level, it needs another argument or study. Let’s say a poor couple was given a contraceptive pill to control the family’s population. Does it really help if the family’s problem is financial problem due to unemployment? But again, that needs another argument too.

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