Look behind you. There’s no one there.

The Church thinks because it has a predominant hold on the country it think that all the people who reside here are willing pawns to whatever they command. I’ve got news for the Church, they’re not.

As the battle for the RH Bill is steadily growing more heated the Church is revealing their true colors and the people are slowly losing their faith. Not their faith in God or Jesus mind, but their faith in the people arrogant enough to claim to speak in their name.

Dissent is slowly growing as the clergy realize that they are fighting a losing battle. Educated voices more knowledgeable of the topic at hand are finally braking through the massive wave of fear-mongering sermons delivered from Church altars.

Now they are resorting to their old habits of condemnation to Hell or threats of excommunication. As if they even have that kind of sway over Rome. Please. If Adolf Hitler, the most hated man in history was not evil enough to get excommunicated from the Catholic Church until now what shredded inkling of hope do you have that they’ll go for a President that expressed his support for a certain Bill.

I’m no fan of P-Noy. In fact I think he’s belligerent idiot who does NOT deserve his seat in the Palace and is the most incompetent and clueless President ever to claim the role. But when it comes to this issue it seems he’s finally grown a brain stem along with a pair balls.

He says that he’s not afraid of being excommunicated (in my opinion isn’t much of a threat but hey we’re in the Philippines so it kinda counts for something) which prompted some Church officials to call him “anti-Catholic” and unlike his mother Cory.

If by that they mean he doesn’t expressly follow what they want to happen to the country for their own gain Yeah he should be as different from Cory as possible.

And the Church is saying their only saying this because declaring himself unafraid of excommunication is like a declaration of war against the Church. Hello! Who threatened him with excommunication in the first place huh?! These fuckers better get their heads on straight if they want to win any kind of intelligent debate.

The one thing they have to realize is if they even want to come out of this with their dignity intact they need to completely reverse their strategy. Because of you read the comments section of news items talking about the RH Bill or talking about the Church talking about the RH Bill (I know it’s annoying some of the people there are total morons but you still get a beat on what the people are thinking, even though it’s completely inane.) it’s easy to see where the greater majority of the public is leaning.

Ps. it’s the one where you actually have a say on what you want to do.

It’s the same thing that is making Catholicism or religion in general lose its taste. Masturbate, Go to Hell! Don’t give them 10% of your salary, Go to Hell! Believe only what we tell without question or GTH Bitch!

The doctrine of Christianity is that you are convinced that everything about you, everything you did or about to do is wrong and sinful, even if you haven’t done anything yet. Babies go to Purgatory for godsakes what the hell do they have to be penitent for?! Why do they want to ‘save’ these unborn babies anyway? All they see when they come out anyway is just another sinner. It’s self-degradation at its finest and not a very attractive set-up.

The Church may be coming out all proud and confident that they’re the ones in the right and that the whole country is behind them. Well, if they manage to turn their fat heads enough just to look around they’ll find that there might be no one behind them.

Isang Tugon to “Look behind you. There’s no one there.”

  1. Yeah, why listen to a bunch of celebate old geizers? What do they know about sex anyway? Everybody thinks sex is immoral thanks to them. Our bodies are immoral thanks to them. We should stab ourselves and prepare to go to hell right then and there. Why listen?

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