(Little) knowledge is an annoying thing

Yahoo News has posted a story about how English proficiency in the Philippines is still good even though it was not included in a list of rankings that showed the level of proficiency some 44 countries in Asia had in speaking the tongue of Kings. The story can be found on the link below.


It is an obvious response to a similar story that cited S. Korea ranking third in English proficiency in Asia. Upon seeing the complete list more than a few righteously indignant Filipinos complained on not seeing their mother country anywhere on the list

Some fears cropped up at the idea that the degradation of the youth has become so severe that (without even realizing it) we may have fallen below countries that have little training in the language of topic.

But these fears are unfounded, since there still exist a few hundred or maybe a thousand people like me who can still raise the other millions of idiots  who ‘think’ they can converse normally without having to resort to humor as a defense mechanism.

But the researchers who released the study explained the reason for the Philippines absence in the list in the article and optimism has risen anew that at least there’s still one thing in this world that we are better at than our other more accomplished Asian  neighbors. Not really.

Personally, I think the Philippines would score top points if we’re only talking about a hundred test takers. It’s just a matter of putting out our best, but on a wider scale there’s a lot to be worried about.

I’ve talked with COLLEGE graduates of public schools and if they talked to my twelve-year-old self back when I was in sixth grade not only would I best them in English but in Science and History as well.

The quality (not just of English proficiency) but education as a whole is slipping dramatically with each year; and no one will refute that. Schools are producing dumber kids every year (ok, it’s an exaggeration but there’s little argument that graduates of say 20 or 15 years ago were much more impressive than the one we’re pumping into our society now).

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (it’s also rather annoying) just because you can understand the words doesn’t automatically mean you can speak a different language; just because you watch a Manny Pacquiao fight doesn’t make you an expert on boxing; just because you watched the tsunami in Japan it doesn’t make you a prophet to declare the end of all days.

Do a little research and shut up if you’re not sure. Me? I can say whatever I want, that’s what I said on my note. Tough for you.

Isang Tugon to “(Little) knowledge is an annoying thing”

  1. If you look closer, natives such as USA, Australia, and United Kingdom are not even on the list. I got curious I even downloaded the full report of EF. Coincidentally, EF means Education First.

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