It’s a start

I have not minced words in displaying my distaste for certain sectors of society both locally and globally. And for those who know me personally they cannot contest my lack of confidence and utter despise for the human race as a whole.

“But you’re human too right?” Wrong. The thing in the header explains that. Let’s face it the only thing wrong with the world is the people who think they run it; and even they can attest that they’re not doing a very good job.

To quote Slipknot People=Shit. But a recent event has rekindled the remaining kinship I have with humanity which though small is an easy and welcome distraction to the woes of international hack jobs and blatant power sieges in North Africa as well as the idiotic goings on in the Philippine government.

Yesterday, at the urging of certain members of my household I found myself in a green star-ex heading for the cemetery. It wasn’t All Souls Day so I was a little confused but decided to just go with it.

The sun was unmerciful as always and beat down on the green unshaded lawns of the dead. We went through the usual rituals when visiting the deceased but we did it under the the shadow of a palm tree a few feet from the lot of the one we were visiting.

The cemetery is a really long way from where I’m staying so to make the trip worth the time it took to get there we tried to stay for as long as we can there by idly passing the time with small talk.

After we’d had our fill of ultra-violent rays and the sight of tombstones we decided it was time to head back; but when we tried to start the star-ex the battery died. We tried over and over again but it  was no good. We were stuck in a cemetery, as if the dead didn’t want us to leave.

A crowd started to gather, watching our sad plight at trying to revive our ride (mostly they were grave keepers who were on break). I was annoyed to say the least. We didn’t want an audience to our little battle with electro-mechanics. And my mind was going “unless you want to help get the fuck away from us.”

Miracle of miracles they did! One of them stepped out of the crowd and offered to take a look. After that one after another they came closer and helped as well. They even called in a tractor and a pick up truck to help jump start our engine. When those didn’t work they called in a transformer and connected it to a lamp post.

After two hours of work the van finally started and we gave them a few hundred bucks for their trouble even though they didn’t ask for it (which in my view was really classy).

As we left the cemetery that day I was filled with a warm feeling of gratitude which was a welcome change of pace to the raging hate at the bullshit being shoved down our throats everyday.

I’m not going to start singing the praises for humanity, saying this is the best of all possible worlds coz its not. But my hope (the hope that I never knew that was there) that the human race still had its original mode of decency and can still act with good with no reward was restored.

I still dislike people generally but what those men did for us that day was definitely a start to me thinking otherwise.


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