The invisible fence

I was asked whether or not we live in a free society. This was a difficult question to answer without having to face the ire of either anarchy or totalitarianism. For if I say yes we are free, then the probable response would be “Then why are there laws?”. If I said no then I shouldn’t have to explain the consequences of such an answer. We are left then with a choice, to employ chaos or completely surrender to governing powers (so I guess I’ll have to pick who I hate more out of the two).

The problem lies in what is referred to (by me) as the invisible fence. It is the line that divides what is right and what is wrong. It was put up by wise and intelligent men to protect their less enlightened brethren from descending into malevolence and crime. Some refer to this line as moral and ethics, others conscience. Though I am not opposed to these ideas there is one titanic problem with them that cannot be ignored. The line is decided by those who foresee it. To elaborate, it is up to each and every individual to discern for themselves whether how far they can go without crossing the line. This is a grave mistake.

It is evident, that if one travels far enough and lives long enough he will discover the beauty of the universe and the twistedness of men’s minds. Fortunately, for our times one need only travel through the infinite channels of the internet to discover the latter. Protected by the anonymity effect deviants have grown bolder in declaring their sicknesses and are proud to do so. Sexual fantasies, Radical politics, Insane theologies you name it. And the boundaries of right and wrong that man should tread are left for the discernment of those individuals.

It is the nature of the invisible fence that no one is entirely sure when it is crossed, and even when it is crossed it is still unsure whether the crosser should be punished for doing so or admonished because of patriotism or some other tired ideal in the name of which vile deeds are committed.

Forced to answer the above question I said no. I do not wish to live in a state that calls itself free, for whoever calls himself that is either an anarchist or a liar. We are a state bound by law and order, and as functioning (fully or otherwise) members of a law-abiding state we must adhere to them fully with respect and without question. No man, not me, not celebrities, not even the holier than thou Church are free to do whatever they wish. For the supposedly pure ideal of freedom has been abused with credulity and abandon that it can only be compared to rape. Yet, this has been the normalcy of our times. We are supposed to be a society of civilized men and women, not a pack of shitless wild barbarians.

It would be hypocritical to say that we are free to do as we wish while within the boundaries of law. It disregards the authority of said boundaries while affirming them at the same time. Throwing the entire system into vagueness. It is much easier not to cross a fence that is seen clearly. A system wherein the boundaries of what not to cross are clear and established. A state governed by law, as it should be to obtain greatness, can never be called free. The current system as designed by limited minds allows for circumstances to have influence on whether these boundaries have been crossed or not.

Which is why henceforth strict justice must be implemented. There is no room for vagueness when discussing the law whilst dealing with demons. It should be read in absolutes, black and white. There must be no gray area, nor any possibility of double interpretations. The law and justice should not busy itself with reasons and motivations, but merely to ask and determine the simple inquiry, yes or no. It should be none of the courts concern if one kills out of sudden rage, or if one steals out of hunger. These actions were undertaken with full prior knowledge of their being wrong and against the statutes that ensured the very means of their being existent until then, and therefore must bear the consequences. Too long, the question concerning matters of law has been why. When it should focus on the what, where, when and how. The instruments of finding and determining the guilty party/ies. Did he commit the crime? If the answer is yes punish him accordingly. If the answer is no, release him. Simple.

When faced with certain doom of a conviction a wise lawyer would either opt for a technicality or humanity. He would ask why. Why did the accused do what he did. What were the reasons and circumstances that drove the man to go against better judgement and so on and so forth. After which they would string out a tear jerking sob story of poverty or hardships designed to appeal to emotion thus presenting themselves to human mercy.Tactics such as these should be disregarded and thrown out, it would be better to escape on a technicality rather than on pleas of mercy because while the former uses the law for his advantage he also exposes the flaw in the system giving room for those with authority to fix it so as to never be repeated, the latter attempts to completely evade the law by appealing to base emotion without intelligent argument or basis except for human compassion. By using this tactic, a message is sent that says the law does not matter and that special circumstances transcend it with the right appeals to mercy. This is the message of cowards and a system without teeth or principle. The system is designed to level all individuals equally and no amount of circumstance may change it. Poverty and hardships are not an excuse to escape responsibility of action and the service of justice. It is simple, punish the guilty so the victim may not sully their hands with the blood of revenge, the cycle ends with the system. Justice is a woman with a sword and must act without mercy and with great prejudice against the guilty. For when a state is under law it can only achieve betterment, while a state that calls itself free can only obtain destruction.

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