Yahoo Answers is a handy but often neglected tool for finding information, though it is a breeding ground for trolls and stupidity. Using it is definitely a risk as to whether you’re getting the right information or getting punked. Six months ago I tried it and I was hooked for a time, these were my views on some questions asked me six months ago.

Q: How would you assess President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s first 100 days in office? President Aquino is close to ending his first 100 days in office. How would you rank his performance on a scale of 1 to 10. Please explain why.


A: Five. He rose to power from being an unknown solely from the sympathy that he got at his mother death and the over-used promise of ending corruption. All of his opponents and even some of his allies agree to this. His promise of no wang-wang made the strongest impact during his first State of the Nation Address and he gets a point for that.

However, the clear mishandling of the Luneta crisis during the rescue as well as damage control is a clear indication of near non-existent leadership with the different spokesmen each giving statements contradicting the others, having him smiling to the cameras afterwards also left the impression that he did not understand the gravity of what had transpired. Yes, he did apologize and accept responsibility for what happened…five days after the incident! Even Hong Kong Chinese got tired of the issue by then. The difference is between facing a raging hell storm and a group of fireflies. The IIRC was no big success, its main client, the Hong Kong government and people, (yes they deserve to get the report first we’re the ones who wronged them, the report is our answer to alleviate their grief) were unsatisfied saying it was full of holes.

The handling of the jueteng scandal also showed that the administrations confusion of who is in charge. First, Noynoy directed that jueteng should be stamped out, then the next his spokesman says that jueteng is not a priority of the administration. Not only contradicting the first statement but as well as his entire campaign promise of ending corruption and jueteng is a giant root of said corruption, as testimonies a from Archbishop Cruz and Sen. Miriam Santiago have shown. And when people close to him were accused he chose friendship over sense choosing to retain the stained DILG Undersecretary Puno rather than letting him go, the latter move was even advised by some of his allies. But Noy would rather keep his friends and yes men around him rather than people critical of his policies so that discourse and real solutions could be reached. Even when the accusations first came he dismissed them almost immediately refusing to believe that his allies could be off the straight and narrow.

When he returned from the US he boasted of bringing in billions of dollars to aid the country and that he met Obama face to face. Obama was not there to meet him, he was there to meet the ASEAN leaders that just happened to include him. Not to mention that investments he brought back were already promised to the country even before he was elected. The entire visit was played up to make it seem like it was important to the point of it being almost ridiculous.

On the plus side he does get a plus for opposing the church in the issue of the RH-bill. Being from under a mother that was religiously devout that could not be easy but if he goes down because that particular issue I’d swallow my pride and join him.

Back to the negative I will never concede his incompetence and the folly of this entire exercise. Why are we even discussing his one hundred days when he himself said that he didn’t care. Unless, it really does matter and he knows he did a not-so-good job and is now choosing to ignore it. Like everything sensitive issue that will come his way.


Q: Traditional literature? Why should we read traditional literature?


A: Depends on what you mean by traditional literature. Ancestral folklore, legends, and myth or Classics i.e. Shakespeare, Milton etc.

Ancestral folklore are important only to the descendants of those that originated the stories it provides a basis of image as a culture, group even as individuals. They set the basic moral line which people value and adhere to. Though those myths and legends were originally intended as religious tales and said religions are 90% of the time no longer practiced the basic values still linger, for example a certain tribe valued courage more than anything future incoming religions would have to adhere to the value of courage in order to appeal to the tribe they wish to convert. An example of which would be the stories of St. George the dragon slayer.

In that, basis ancestral folklore not only depicts the values and ways of life of an ancestral race but of the evolution of that race, displayed when compared with contemporary literature and beliefs. Understanding would be the key word.

If your talking about classics it has more to do with the progress of literature itself instead of a people. Everything that can be written has already been written therefore, nothing you say now is original or your own thought. The most you can do is relate certain universal and/or private ideals to the contemporary. It may not be original but it can be unique. As to the question why should we read them is again the advancement of literature itself. Unlike math wherein the process of learning is upscale (learning 1+1 before moving on to more difficult equations) Literature is more of a flat plane. Everything either good or bad is readily available for all audiences (excluding porn of course). In that scenario, education of literature becomes a buffet free-for-all. Where you can the good and the bad on the same plate and not even know it. More often than not the bad pieces which do nothing more than to temporarily appeal the senses in a broken thought patterns and faulted reasoning’s become top shelf, while good ones which actually challenge our minds, values, and ways of thinking are cast under the window sill collecting dust.

But it begs the question how can we tell if something is good or bad. I already mentioned that it should challenge us but how can you tell if something is challenging. The shallowest answer is the answer to your question. Sublimity. These traditional classics have proven themselves as challenging pieces of literature and they continue to challenge hundreds of years after their authors deaths. Shakespeare satirized the concepts of his time through his plays. Milton re-portrayed the Fall of Man through the eyes of Lucifer. Salinger caught the essence of non-existent hardships in teen angst. Orwell, again satirized the government in their hypo critic propaganda of equality and transparency.

But be warned these are just observations. I have no sources to cite to support these claims of mine. Which probably ill-suits your purposes as I suspect you ask this question to help with school work or something similar. Hope this helps though, I may have over done it a bit or maybe I didn’t do enough. Anyway, thanks for your question, it gave me something to do today.


Q: What does this part of the quote mean?

With what shall I come to the LORD
And bow myself before the God on high?
Shall I come to Him with burnt offerings,
With yearling calves?7Does the LORD take delight in thousands of rams,
In ten thousand rivers of oil?
Shall I present my firstborn for my rebellious acts,
The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?

8He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the LORD require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

A: What I can pick up from this is basically:

What the hell do you want me to do?!

the thousands of rams and ten thousand rivers of oil could represent material possessions. the firstborn could mean everything that you love or hold dear; Or all your accomplishments, achievements and status.

The last stanza says that the (LORD) does not need anything but justice, love and humility in his presence.

Q: If Satan had known the outcome of Jesus’ death, would he have tried to prevent it?
A: Depends on what kind of outcome your talking about.

Ending all sin? (yeah right). Defeating death in the resurrection? (hard to see how that could hurt him). Forgiving all sin from then to the end of time so no one has to go to hell? (possibly). Further dividing the world through religion while antagonizing the jews at the same time? (I think he’d go for that).

Q: If you believe in witches, does that consider a religion?
A: It’s a religion. An occult religion but still a religion. They’re called Wiccan.
Q:What does it mean when he doesn’t call as much but still hangs out with you?
I’m seeing this guy from work (known him since april) and we just started “talking”. He’s apparently had a crush on me since i started working there but didn’t really do anything about it ’til now. Don’t ask how it happened but it did. He sent me this text one night saying, “I think you’re the most beautful girl” (and he was apparently drunk when he did). After that night, we broke ice and for that week, he called me every night once he got off of work.We “hung out” last weekend but was so turned off by how he was. He knew the next morning that he may have lost his chance but i was still nice to him when I saw him that day. He didn’t call as much after that but would still call to ask to hang out (during the day time). He finally took me out on our first date last night… and we had fun. I notice he’ll text me here and there…and the only time he’ll call is when he’ll make plans to hang out but that’s pretty much it…

He did some embarassing things last night (not gonna say what but it’s a huge blow to a guy’s ego) and i don’t know if it’s him being self-conscious…after last night and the first time we hang out, he hasn’t exactly scored “the best points”…

A: He’s probably embarrassed and feeling like total loser. He’s still trying but he can foresee (based on hindsight) that it’ll probably end in failure. A defense mechanism perhaps? So he doesn’t lose as much.
Q: What do guys find most annoying about girls?
A: They sometimes act like buddies and friends when they’re all together but bad mouth and back stab each other when in their own separate groups.
Q: Is being curious about sexuality normal? I love men, but sometimes I find certain women attractive…and curious….is this normal..A women’s sexuality seems more “mercurial”…do any other women have these experiences as well?
A: Why wouldn’t it be?

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