Imbak para sa Abril, 2011

Fight of the year

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People are going on about the Pacquiao v. Mosley fight on May 8 as the date draws nearer but as far as I know this is an automatic fight of the year.


Another RH post (I seem to be doing this a lot)

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I refrained from posting anything on my blog for the most part of the Holy Weekend for two reasons: 1.) I was on the beach (possibly lying) and 2.) Because it’s the Church’s one time to go all out for their faith, even though it was riddled with propaganda. I stopped myself to give them their time in the sun, but it’s Monday today and the ceasefire (from my end) is over.

You’ll notice the words I used were ‘stopped myself’. The reason behind this is mainly because the Church’s representatives have once again run their mouths off about how to run the world through their specter of view while simultaneously sounding authoritative and conflicting at the same time.

Recently the Church has doomed P-Noy for supporting the RH Bill calling him of less faith than his mother and sisters (I can’t wait what they’ll call me). As well as labeling those who support the Bill as misguided and lacking knowledge of the provisions of the Bill.

That’s hard to believe since the story seems to go the other way around. The Church staunchly resists the Bill because it allegedly legalizes abortions. While nowhere does it say there that abortion will be made legal. The in/famous Archbishop Oscar Cruz had explained in an interview in ANC that even though it is not written it is there, abortion will be allowed.

It’s not written but it’s there? I guess that makes sense for a guy that advocates something like the even though I can’t see, hear, smell, feel, or recognize it any observable way it exists as long its the unseeable, unhearable, unsmellable, unfeelable entity that I preach about. If it’s a different unrecognizable being of unobservable existence it doesn’t exist.

“We are against contraception to protect the right of the unborn child”. Newsflash: There is no unborn child yet! Contraception prevents the sperm meeting the egg therefore no unborn life to protect. Anti-contraceptionists are vying for the rights of individual cells. In which case they should charge every single woman of murder every month for menstruating.

Now for the conflicting part. In a recent story Jose Cardinal Sanchez said “He (P-Noy) is now losing his popularity. He has no firm idea on marriage. It is too much politics now and no longer religion. (His) mother (the late former President Corazon Aquino) and (his) sisters have more faith than him” he urged priests and bishops to go on what he calls a “charm offensive” a tactic that entails the clergy to befriend lawmakers to win them over to their side regarding the debate on the RH Bill.

In my old post “Look behind you no ones there” I mentioned that the Church should seriously start considering a change of strategy, almost exactly what Sanchez is suggesting after I made the post (someones been reading my blog :)).
Sanchez’s suggestion would have worked if it weren’t for the above-mentioned quote. What the “charm offensive” really is, is politics 101. Befriend who you need to befriend to get what you want. To which I ‘want’ to mention the separation of church and state. I ‘want’ to mention it but I won’t since nobody really understands what the hell that means anymore since the Church still has a death-grip on government and politics. Going so far as to call someone un-Catholic for reasons that are exclusively within the realm of political governance and not of the religious soul proves that.

I recognize that there are a lot of problems in the Philippines i.e. education, housing, employment. These are all essentially important sectors that have gone to the trash bin for various reasons I could never fully understand. Again, this could all be much easier to solve if there were at least some semblance of control on population. In the words of Archbishop Cruz “Do you think that the solution to everything is to have fewer people?” YES!

A smaller population is easier to control, educate, employ, police, and manage. We have thousands upon thousands of OFW’s working abroad, so much that they’re practically taking over various sectors of the countries they’re visiting (like Orchard Road in Singapore), and we’re still talking about overpopulation. That should be a clue as to how overpopulated we are.

Did I mention that there are also priests who are pro-RH Bill. It’s a miracle!

Fall in love…(maybe)

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Lately I’ve been receiving e-mails from different women who are looking for boyfriends and/or serious relationships to carry them through their very lonely and boring lives.

First of all I already have a girlfriend (I know, she’s so lucky right?) so I don’t really need anyone else for now. Especially if their women who allegedly got my e-mail from a dating site I’ve never even heard of.

Ok, I know what I look like so I don’t need to describe it to you, but to have it spread all the way to Russia?! (that’s where most of them seem to come from) It’s a little unnerving.

But, just because I’m already happy doesn’t mean these women should get the door in the face. So, I’m reaching out to all the lonely hearts out there (haha, losers) maybe if you’re interested send them an e-mail or something.

Ok, this is Olesya.

Cute right.

This is Lastochka (I have no idea how to read that)

a bit too Gotti and MILF-ish for me.

This is Layla from Czech Republic.

My computer sucks so I can’t see her properly in that light.

This is a different Layla but I’m a little suspicious since her message was very similar to the first Laylas, also from Czech Republic.

Anastasiya from Novochebocharsk(???)

(I’m getting tired giving descriptions so I’ll just put up their names)




The second biggest reason I’ve ignored all of these invites is that I highly suspect that this is a scam. But hey, if you’re lonely and willing to risk it why not give it a shot.

Interested? You know where to contact me.

This is a huge Enter at Your Risk kind of thing. So be careful.

Look behind you. There’s no one there.

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The Church thinks because it has a predominant hold on the country it think that all the people who reside here are willing pawns to whatever they command. I’ve got news for the Church, they’re not.

As the battle for the RH Bill is steadily growing more heated the Church is revealing their true colors and the people are slowly losing their faith. Not their faith in God or Jesus mind, but their faith in the people arrogant enough to claim to speak in their name.

Dissent is slowly growing as the clergy realize that they are fighting a losing battle. Educated voices more knowledgeable of the topic at hand are finally braking through the massive wave of fear-mongering sermons delivered from Church altars.

Now they are resorting to their old habits of condemnation to Hell or threats of excommunication. As if they even have that kind of sway over Rome. Please. If Adolf Hitler, the most hated man in history was not evil enough to get excommunicated from the Catholic Church until now what shredded inkling of hope do you have that they’ll go for a President that expressed his support for a certain Bill.

I’m no fan of P-Noy. In fact I think he’s belligerent idiot who does NOT deserve his seat in the Palace and is the most incompetent and clueless President ever to claim the role. But when it comes to this issue it seems he’s finally grown a brain stem along with a pair balls.

He says that he’s not afraid of being excommunicated (in my opinion isn’t much of a threat but hey we’re in the Philippines so it kinda counts for something) which prompted some Church officials to call him “anti-Catholic” and unlike his mother Cory.

If by that they mean he doesn’t expressly follow what they want to happen to the country for their own gain Yeah he should be as different from Cory as possible.

And the Church is saying their only saying this because declaring himself unafraid of excommunication is like a declaration of war against the Church. Hello! Who threatened him with excommunication in the first place huh?! These fuckers better get their heads on straight if they want to win any kind of intelligent debate.

The one thing they have to realize is if they even want to come out of this with their dignity intact they need to completely reverse their strategy. Because of you read the comments section of news items talking about the RH Bill or talking about the Church talking about the RH Bill (I know it’s annoying some of the people there are total morons but you still get a beat on what the people are thinking, even though it’s completely inane.) it’s easy to see where the greater majority of the public is leaning.

Ps. it’s the one where you actually have a say on what you want to do.

It’s the same thing that is making Catholicism or religion in general lose its taste. Masturbate, Go to Hell! Don’t give them 10% of your salary, Go to Hell! Believe only what we tell without question or GTH Bitch!

The doctrine of Christianity is that you are convinced that everything about you, everything you did or about to do is wrong and sinful, even if you haven’t done anything yet. Babies go to Purgatory for godsakes what the hell do they have to be penitent for?! Why do they want to ‘save’ these unborn babies anyway? All they see when they come out anyway is just another sinner. It’s self-degradation at its finest and not a very attractive set-up.

The Church may be coming out all proud and confident that they’re the ones in the right and that the whole country is behind them. Well, if they manage to turn their fat heads enough just to look around they’ll find that there might be no one behind them.

You people make me curse the day I was born a Filipino

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It completely perplexes me that people, by the hundreds are coming out to condemn, malign, and even threaten personalities like Jim Paredes, Aiza Seguerra, and Lea Salonga because of comments they made against Willie “oh my god I’m so goddamn important in my own fantasy world where I think I’m doing people good by making them expose their own stupidity by insulting them while giving them wads of cash so they keep watching my show that is rapidly degrading the standard of intelligence in this already intellectually immobile country” Revillame.

Before this I already question the lack of brainpower some people have by actually liking the show he’s on but now I’m completely convinced that all the gray matter that they may have formerly possessed are now completely incinerated and their skulls are now occupied by cheese hungry crabs that pinch their severed brain stems into motion as they drool and chant to motion and ministrations of their dick headed master.

To praise one that causes nothing but face palms and embarrassed smiles whenever he’s mentioned on the news and to simultaneously lambaste other personalities who are sources of pride for the Filipino people by asking them what they’ve done for the country is something to marvel at simply because of the utter lack of sense capable in the modern world, previously thought impossible because of the evolution of the human persona to value dignity.

Seriously, do these people even have the slightest clue as to who they’re talking to?! Jim Paredes was part of the (rightly so) legendary singing group the APO Hiking Society who spurred on hundreds through the actual hard times of the EDSA Revolution. Aiza Seguerra was a child star who through her fame became a role model for acceptance and tolerance for homosexuals. A group that though in great abundance in the Philippines is until now prejudiced against (though not openly) by the Catholic Church. Lea Salonga, do I really have to say it?! She’s a freakin’ icon for Christ’s sake! If anyone deserves our admiration it’s her. Not knowing her would be a crime against Philippine history. It’s tantamount to not knowing what Biak-na-Bato is or who Gregorio del Pilar is. (On a side note do you know what Biak-na-Bato is and who Gregorio del Pilar was?)

The people who stood for freedom, tolerance, class, and international recognition. These are the people who you are maligning. These are the people you are asking what they ever did for the country. These are the people you so haplessly compare to your unfunny lip syncing sycophant of a role model. These are the people you wish death threats on. These are the people who make me proud to have under various circumstances been born a Filipino. But you, you are epitome of why our Asian neighbors mock us. You are the reason why we as a nation are an international laughing-stock. You hate me for looking down on you when there’s nothing about you to be proud of. Clean as a sewage line, dumber than a rock, arrogant as if you own the damn street feeling free to pee anywhere your bladder decides to let out. Is it any wonder why our politicians are a bunch of morons? It’s because they identified themselves with you. You are nothing but a blighted curse on anything and everything Filipino.

Swindling Jesus. Shame

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Patrick ‘Pat’ Condell is a British writer, comedian, and atheist internet personality. He performed alternative comedy shows during the 1980s and 1990s in the United Kingdom, and won a Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He was also a regular panelist on BBC Radio 1’s “Loose Talk”.

From early 2007, he began posting short monologues denouncing religion to a number of video sharing websites. His videos have been featured on many websites, including YouTube and LiveLeak. They have also been published to DVD, and also as a book of video transcripts. As of February 2011, Pat Condell’s YouTube channel has over 148,000 subscribers and 30.8 million views. In a video titled “Vote small, think big” Pat Condell apparently seemed to express support for the UK Independence Party.

Check out his website I dare you to disagree with the entire video.

(Little) knowledge is an annoying thing

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Yahoo News has posted a story about how English proficiency in the Philippines is still good even though it was not included in a list of rankings that showed the level of proficiency some 44 countries in Asia had in speaking the tongue of Kings. The story can be found on the link below.

It is an obvious response to a similar story that cited S. Korea ranking third in English proficiency in Asia. Upon seeing the complete list more than a few righteously indignant Filipinos complained on not seeing their mother country anywhere on the list

Some fears cropped up at the idea that the degradation of the youth has become so severe that (without even realizing it) we may have fallen below countries that have little training in the language of topic.

But these fears are unfounded, since there still exist a few hundred or maybe a thousand people like me who can still raise the other millions of idiotsĀ  who ‘think’ they can converse normally without having to resort to humor as a defense mechanism.

But the researchers who released the study explained the reason for the Philippines absence in the list in the article and optimism has risen anew that at least there’s still one thing in this world that we are better at than our other more accomplished AsianĀ  neighbors. Not really.

Personally, I think the Philippines would score top points if we’re only talking about a hundred test takers. It’s just a matter of putting out our best, but on a wider scale there’s a lot to be worried about.

I’ve talked with COLLEGE graduates of public schools and if they talked to my twelve-year-old self back when I was in sixth grade not only would I best them in English but in Science and History as well.

The quality (not just of English proficiency) but education as a whole is slipping dramatically with each year; and no one will refute that. Schools are producing dumber kids every year (ok, it’s an exaggeration but there’s little argument that graduates of say 20 or 15 years ago were much more impressive than the one we’re pumping into our society now).

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (it’s also rather annoying) just because you can understand the words doesn’t automatically mean you can speak a different language; just because you watch a Manny Pacquiao fight doesn’t make you an expert on boxing; just because you watched the tsunami in Japan it doesn’t make you a prophet to declare the end of all days.

Do a little research and shut up if you’re not sure. Me? I can say whatever I want, that’s what I said on my note. Tough for you.