How would you do it?

Yesterday three Filipino drug mules were executed in China via lethal injection.

Normally, this kind of news would be border line boring for me coz no matter how you slice it they were guilty of the crimes they were accused.

But (I’m a little irritated to admit) the sight of crying relatives over the sight of the executed corpses after talking to them just hours prior got to me.

Which got me thinking. Which is really better? Knowing when you’ll be biting the big one like these three or go out in a ‘oh-shit-what-the-hell-never-saw-that-coming’ accident scenario.

To take it even further than that. How would you like to die. C’mon you all know it’s coming, might as well decide (or fantasize) the most ideal way to leave our rotting corpses for our relatives to do whatever with.

For all the people reading this blog (yes, all five of you) if it’s not too much trouble please comment below on how you would want to die.

I really want to know. You never know, I might be able to help some of you.

2 Tugon to “How would you do it?”

  1. You ass. You got your facts wrong. None of them knew when they were going to die. Sinabihan sila nung mangyayari na.

    • Whether its seconds or months doesn’t really matter does it? They still had the benefit of knowing they were about to take a dirt nap in the very near (in this case immediate) future. And if you ask anyone they were already resigned to the fact that the execution would push through and only a clandestine miracle would stop it.

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