The slow decline

Just got back from a recent trip to the Singapore and I am glad to report that though the city/country is still on the top echelons of the worlds most advanced countries (considering its miniscule size) there are signs that the Lion City is on a slow decline.

Famous for its overall cleanliness befitting tis status as a developed island state Singapore has captivated the romantic hope that even something as small as them can become an economic giant as well as lambasting the west’s claim that dictatorial rule is an absolute evil that should be stamped out at all cost.

Lee Kuan Yew held Singapore in an iron fisted rule during his stint as its Prime Minister using only Parliament as his stamp pad. Completely ingraining in his people severe discipline partly from fear and fine. Rubbing out inevitable conflict in its multi-racial peoples by forcing them to live next to each other and work together.

But now the discipline that made them legendary is waning as a new generation of Singaporeans are coming into the fold and are embracing Western ideas of freedom without accountability, consequence or responsibility. This could be partially blamed on the ease by which foreigners can infiltrate their society since they have no markers of race and their shortage on manpower. Older Singaporeans lament the lax situation their juniors are complaining about, reminiscing the times when the country was called the police state, handing heavy punishments for littering and spitting.

Now, the once pristine emerald lawns of their high rise compounds are spoiled with styrofoam cups and containers. Not as bad as it is here but if left unchecked it can quickly spiral into complete disregard for law. First it’s littering, then it’s loitering, snatching, gang violence, and genocide. Think I’m overacting? Cleanliness is the most obvious sign of the state of a nations culture. When people are in an environment of cleanliness they are more prone to act responsibly and civilly. Which is why people who are used to working and living like rats cannot be more than rats. Rats that are a drain on the economy, contributing nothing to society except they’re filth and noise demanding recognition for rolling in their own feces.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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