Not evil just stupid

My Facebook page is abuzz with this mofo that posted about the recent events in the Pacific island nation of Japan. Well…I’ll let him say it.

For those who can’t read the text:

Japan has two major religions, Shinto and Buddhism. Japanese are either beleivers of Shinto or Buddhism or both. They don’t believe in Jesus Christ as God and creator of the universe. The shoguns of Japan tortured San Lorenzo Ruiz into martyrdom, cremated his remains and scattered the ashes into the sea. Now the sea is getting back at Japan. For as long as Japan is not converted into Christianity, it will suffer earthquakes and tsunamis until it is wiped out of the face of the earth.

The worst of it is he has followers

I’m going to give some unsolicited advice here, unless that’s a sin as well and God will send a toucan to gouge my eyes out (in which case toucan ke-bob for dinner). You can’t be a troll and a priest (they say he’s a priest but his status says he’s married anyway, until further notice he’s a priest (AT UST!) Coz people listen to priests and take them seriously (though major events have suggested they don’t deserve much of the attention). At least most trolls don’t use their RL identities.

And WTF is he talking about the sea fighting back because ashes of Ruiz were spread there. A lot of people are doing that nowadays right? What’s the difference between then and now? Don’t believe me?

Sarah Connor:Terminator 3

That girl Ann Curtis played when she was paired with Sam Milby;

and a bunch of other stuff that in fact it became a sickening cliche among the dead. Martyrdom? I thought the Bible considers those guys heroes? Christians tortured and killed women they thought were witches. In fact, the japanese had more sense to torture Christians because witches don’t exist! (They’re called Wiccans now).

Besides if this were true that would God a big lying son of a bitch because he said he’d never destroy using a flood again, the rainbow proves it…Oh my God! Where’s the rainbow?! It disappeared!

Anyway, shame on you Edgar Siscar! I demand you watch the tapes on the news and say they deserved it because they weren’t Christian. (I hereby encourage everyone to troll this guys facebook, e-mail or whatever to the best of your capacity to see the dire error of his ways) I told you guys the Church sucked!

2 Tugon to “Not evil just stupid”

  1. Hey! What’s wrong with this guy? Rubbing salt to the wounds? Seriously I completely disagree with this guy. Bringing up the SLR topic out of nowhere? Nice imagination but thanks for trying it’s offensive.

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