Money, money, money, mohhhhnehy

I happened upon a small indignant cry on facebook that cried out against questions regarding Japans economic future in the aftermath of the earthquake-tsunami crisis.

The reasoning goes that hundred of people are dead and they’re talking about money; and any one can see where he’s coming from on this. It’s a terrible human tragedy, the worst one to hit the island nation since WWII. But in the spirit of counter arguments I’ll try to make a suitable rebuttal.

Money…is harder to make than people…

Money is harder to make than people because in making money you need economic analysis, stock market fiddle-faddle, a lot of brainpower, and a heck-load of machines.

Making people on the other hand only requires two beers and easy access underwear (machines may or may not be included).

Not to mention that they’ll need that money to tend to the dead and assist the remaining living. So, yes they need to ask about the money because they’re going to need it now more than any other time in the foreseeable future.

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