Looking for a fight?

I saw this story really early this morning, just 20 minutes after midnight in fact. Don’t ask me why I was up that late, it should be obvious. Anyway, everyone knows that newly crowned Bantamweight champion and Philippine boxing pride Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr. was having a not so gentlemanly dispute with the rest of his family coming after his grand success, particularly his father Donaire Sr.; and this family feud has been watched by the public with a mix of morbid curiosity and concern.

But just yesterday Flash’s wife lashed out at a new enemy, which she blames for the widening gap in the family, the media. Even naming particular sports writers for blatantly tearing their family apart for ratings and readership.

The story found here, names Chino Trinidad, Recah Trinidad, Anthony Andales, and Granville Ampong as the principal culprits in the unfolding drama.

She says: “There are certain people in the media who have gotten fame from tearing our family apart and I think that collectively today, after seeing everything that has been out in the media and talking about what has really hurt us, the source is all the same—it’s all the media.

“So, to those people that thought that they gonna ruin the family and watch us destroy and burn ourselves. To Chino Trinidad, Recah Trinidad, to Anthony Andales, and to Granville Ampong, you’re not gonna destroy the Donaire family. And you better go find another tsismis to go, actually, bring any more hits to your site. Because what you did was unprofessional, it’s digusting, and it’s unlike a Filipino.”

And to make matters worse it seems both sides of Donaire conflict have suddenly become united at the discovery of this new enemy when Donaire Jr. himself announced on his Facebook page: “Chino, Pinol, n Ampong. Shut up n Leave my family alone: the Donaires n Marcials, esp my wife. Keep talking n ull feel what Montiel felt. U won’t see it, ull just feel it. Sonic Boom!!

“Oh n btw, Chino, Ampong, n Pinol- Why dont u cm pick a fight with sm1 ur on size huh? ME AND PAPANG also said it was the media. We ALL pointed at U! So back off ”

Now, this isn’t the first time that people have blamed the media for the problems in their lives or when something goes terribly wrong; the media is the first scapegoat that they go after, whether they be celebrities, government, you name it. Because it’s easiest to pin the blame on people who do their job. But in this case it’s special because Chino Trinidad fired back!

He said: “Funny how Mr. And Mrs. Donaire are so afraid of the ghost they created. If they aint stupid enough, maybe they would know that I don’t even have a byline. Maybe they can blame Facebook and Twitter. ”

“Nonito Jr. I am not gonna fight you atop the ring but one thing I know, I will never runaway from a good fight.”

“Nonito Jr, you better ask your a coward of a father in law who used your mother in laws FB account in maligning my character for merely posting a story on your celebrated feud then your tigas t_t_ (read in street lingo as duwag) biyenan after seeing the reaction of my FB friends removed me from his wife’s FB friends but not before the whole whole world saw who the real Gerry Marcial is.

“Kung matapang ka talaga Nonito Jr., alam mo kung saan mo ako makikita. Hihintayin kita. Gaguhin mo na ang lahat- huwag lang ang pangalan namin Hindi ako natatakot sa isang hikain at iyakin. Madami na akong nakita na kagaya mo in this lifetime…”

Holy shit! Did he just call out the World Bantamweight Champion by calling him hikain and iyakin?! Is he serious?! He’s talking to a guy that knocked out the former champ with a single punch in the second round! There’s no denying he’s got balls but I seriously doubt if he has any brains. (btw, by the time the yahoo report was posted they were still going at it.)

Here’s Chino

and here’s Donaire

and here’s what Donaire did to the last guy he fought

I’m not saying Chino’s not going to put up a fight but considering the caliber of the guy he’s calling out I’d seriously re-think this entire thing if I were him. Unless his plan is to:

Chino: Hindi ako natatakot sa hikain at iyakin

Donaire: *Right hook*

Chino: Waah! Assault.

A boxers punch could be considered a deadly weapon and if Chino doesn’t raise a hand first he could claim he was assaulted while trying to defend himself and that he was merely expressing his opinion in doing his reporting duties or whatever. If this goes down it’s a lose-lose situation for the bantamweight champion; either the word war goes on with no closure in the foreseeable future, or he finishes it and he goes to jail.

Me? I don’t care what happens one way or another, I’m just hoping to see some red stuff before all this is over.

4 Tugon to “Looking for a fight?”

  1. Hearing this makes me sick. I thought Nonito was a good guy.

    • There are always things that will make our inner demons come out so that we look less than what we are. For Nonito it’s being messed with, for me it’s…well…a shorter list would be things that don’t do this to me.

  2. What? Picking up a fight online? It doesn’t look good on both sides. But I think it would be uglier on Chino’s side. Wew! XD

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