Lamenting the merciful

Before riding home from work I stood at the corner of my buildings block where jeepneys pass; and directly across from the street are a gaggle of homeless people lining the side of the 7/11. There were maybe five or six families laying themselves down on cardboard mats.

Now, I see these people every night. Usually they would sleep in front of the National Library because the sidewalk there was more spacious but because it was raining they had to squeeze where I found them to take cover under the roof of the 7/11.

So, if I painted this picture right. There were fix or six families, with children (toddlers) squeezing under the side roof of a 7/11, on cardboard mats, while it was raining.

As I flagged down the jeep I was looking for one of the mothers was screaming at her child and the child slipped on the wet sidewalk and fell down which elicited more screaming from his mother.

(I have to commend the child for not crying when he fall because it seemed pretty bad)

This was the scene when I got on the jeep. I took a seat and the jeep drove away. While I was going through my pockets for the fare the passenger directly in front of me started talking about the scene they witnessed when I got on.

Ang hirap makakita ng mga ganun noh? Parang nakakaiyak.”

It’s probably none of my business but that single comment infuriated me internally. She probably didn’t mean to say it like that but is seemed as if she was the one being burdened by their condition (Siya pa yung nahirapan sa pagtingin sa kanila).

And her second statement was a real load of crap. If you feel like crying then why aren’t you? Scratch that they don’t need your tears.

In fact, they don’t need your pity. Every time you see people like that and say nakakaawa naman what are you really doing? Feigning compassion isn’t help in any form. In the end you just walk away and forget them after 20 seconds like a goldfish. What’s the point of saying those two words hmmm? They can’t eat it. They can’t use it in any way.

My point is, why even bother when you’re not going to do anything about it anyway. It’s just vanity for your ego; so you could feel better about yourself by lying to yourself that you actually care when you don’t.

A lot of people act like this and I sincerely hope they’d stop.

7 Tugon to “Lamenting the merciful”

  1. patrick from coffee shop galaxy Says:

    it’s not that they’re (the passenger) feigning compassion… it wasn’t their choice to do so. people feel a sudden discomfort when seeing others suffer or in pain – it’s the thought of having yourself be placed in their shoes is what pushes them to be empathetic.

    surely you are not an exemption of showing empathy, right?

    • My point was, it’s useless to feel empathy if in the end you don’t do anything about the condition. Like I said in the post you feel a moment of empathy then walk on forgetting about it soon after; and that’s a lot worse than showing no empathy at all. You could call it “just for show empathy”

      • patrick from coffee shop galaxy Says:

        obviously i missed the point about the entry’s purpose, and i apologize. i’ll read it again. but just to make sure you didn’t miss mine on the first comment, here goes:

        showing empathy – it’s not a choice. it’s an act to subdue a subconscious feeling caused by a sudden discomfort, of a person projecting himself/herself to the other’s (kapwa) situation. they didn’t do it for show, they did that (showed empathy and talked about it) to release the tension.

        as i’ve mentioned, im sure you are not an exemption of this natural feeling and have had, at least once, experienced empathy (aware or unaware). if you did, i think you’ll understand the gestures those passengers with you had.

        again, it’s not a choice. now, NOT showing empathy, on the other hand, is either a conscious decision oooooor, some hardcore social-conditioning. and im not really sure which of the two is more disturbing. 🙂

  2. sometimes we can only say the things we can’t do. There are instances talaga na we can’t do anything about a certain situation other than being sorry for them. But you are right, kagagawan nila yun. And no matter how we help them, as long as they are lacking education babalik at babalik parin sila sa kung ano sila…You can’t teach a fish to live in land, or a chicken to bark.


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