The perfect solution

An ever ensuing problem within the country that doesn’t seem to have a solution is the one of over-population and poverty.

Analysts have found a link between the two (over-population leads to poverty) which makes sense. More players intensifies competition and because of limited opportunities the contest result in more losers while the winners fight tooth and nail to retain their positions and climb ever higher.

Therefore, the government tried to cut the problem at its root with the RH Bill but because of staunch opposition by the Church and their robotic followers that’s really not going anywhere. Apparently controlling kalaswaan is more important than education about a fundamental function of life and controlling an all too real defect in our society that is crippling the economy from ever moving forward.

So, I propose a compromise. Since the church doesn’t want to educate the masses or protect them from their own sexual tendencies brought about by professional idleness it’s time to cut the line, literally.

Instead of providing condoms for the poor and sexual education for future generations the government should divert funds to the “Cut all our losses” program.

The program states that any adult or sexually mature male who lives or is living under the poverty line or living below $1.00 a day must be neutered and spayed. This procedure will ensure that they will never be able to sire any progeny. It’s natural family planning at its best!

No condoms for young people. No sex education for children. And because there’s no conception, no abortion either. It’s perfect!

Since the poorest of the poor can’t multiply explosively (their only redeeming feature) they will slowly die out. BAM! I solved poverty. And because of certain programs already in place we can identify the poorest of the poor or at least the ones posing as the poorest of the poor.

It is in the hopes that this program will not only curb population growth but inspire those in the border line to work towards a better life to avoid the measure.

You’re welcome government. You’re welcome Church.

And if anyone is even thinking of toeing the church line that over-population doesn’t exist and that it’s only a matter of population density. Riddle me this. Where do you propose people live. Forests? Mountains? Well, they can’t since they’re considered natural resources and shouldn’t be meddled with. A large percentage of the country’s environment has gone to urban development and housing resulting in loss of wildlife, pollution and opening vulnerabilities to natural disasters like flash floods and earthquakes; and the Church is proposing more of it?

2 Tugon to “The perfect solution”

  1. angst angst angst hahaha and i like it.

    the problem with the church sector is that they are close minded to change. They still stick to their old beliefs and traditions when all the while the situation of our country are very visible in front of their very eyes.

    youre solution is idealistic and very promising esp. in these times where the leaders that we have, are guys who are just selfish, conceited and morons.

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