Things that piss me off

It is an undeniable fact that there are things that just get on our nerves for no reason. So, I’ve compiled all the things that make my blood boil and searched for reasons to hate them.

1. People who lean on the metal poles of trains – Seriously, even when there’s a fuckload of people flooding in they just lean their sweaty backs on the goddamn poles. I’m squished in like a sardine and I need to hold on to something so I don’t lose my balance you fucking jag-off.In times when I finally can’t stand them and push them out-of-the-way THEY have the nerve to get angry. You’re inconveniencing at least five other people to satisfy your MTV emo moment you stupid tool.

2. Bishops – For guys who swear to never have sex they preach a hell of a lot on the subject. Usually, when trying to get information on a topic I go to people who are considered experts on the field, not the guys who swear never to go into that field.

3. Koreans – I don’t get why they’re so popular. I really don’t.

4. People who put other things in urinals – The reason they’re called urinals is because their depositories of urine. NOTHING ELSE! NOT SPIT, NOT CANDY WRAPPERS, AND DEFINITELY NOT SHIT!

5. Children – They’re so fucking noisy. Screaming and crying for no reason, seriously every time a kid throws a tantrum in the train or the jeep I wanna kick his head in. Everyone’s thinking it, they all want to do it too.

6. Teenagers – They think they know so fucking much about the world that they demand everyone (no exceptions) to look at things their way because they’re the “new generation”. They never stop to think to look at things through other people’s POVs. Maybe they know if they do they might how freakishly moronic they are.

7. Tweens – Proof that society is slowly degenerating. Out of all the age classes that don’t contribute to society they suck the most. Holding the arrogance of a teenager and the maturity of a child. Plus, their tastes in music increased the rate of suicides.

8. Old people – They smell funny and demand special treatment when it come to lines even if they can still stand on their own. Why should I respect them? Last I checked people were harping about how it was supposed to be earned. Having the fortune of your parents not using a condom  50 years before mine doesn’t exactly qualify as earned respect.

9. Primetime variety shows and telenovelas – There should be a limit to the number of minutes actors and performers should be bawling their eyes out. Acting and entertainment are an art, there is so much more to its world than crying, surely. Are they incapable of any other emotion or facial expression other than screwing their face into ugly contortions of transparent grief over the most trivial things?

There you go. A quick list of the things that make me grind my teeth and curse the day any of you were born. I know the list is one short of ten but hey, I guess I’m just a nice guy.

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