The New Tiananmen

In an ill twist of fate the Pearl Square in the capital of Bahrain was subject to the most heavy-handed police crackdown in the country’s recent history.

In the early hours of the Bahrain morning thousands of police units swarmed the Pearl rotunda in the nation’s capital as protesters gathered in droves to demand a change in government. Inspired no doubt by the Egyptian overthrow of its long time leader Hosni Mubarak. However, instead of emulating the 18 day revolt Manama followed the path of the Chinese Tiananmen Square.

The vicious crackdown by police was so violent and chaotic that the scene could accurately be described as a war zone. With helicopters and ground units firing tear gas and assaulting the rallyists.

The evidence could be seen in the hospitals as hundreds upon hundreds of people flooded emergency rooms with dire injuries that could only have been sustained from weapons that could not be determined.

The violence came as a shock since as compared to their Egyptian counterparts the Bahraini protesters were mostly benign and peaceful with some even bringing their families with food and water.

So far three people have been confirmed dead with more gravely injured.

The King released a statement that he was deeply sorry for the death of the three Bahrainis which is like consolation from a mob boss after what’s happened.


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