Red Month

People call February the month of hearts and celebrate it by wearing red because red is the color of love and passion, well, it’s also the color of blood.

As people were fretting over the Grammys or Charice’s Monday concert a rock shattering event was relegated to the shadows of Cainta.

Last Monday (February 14, 2011) Valentines Day, four people were found dead in their home. A family of four, two of the victims were children aged 14 and 10. The bodies were discovered by neighbors because a trickle of blood seeped from a locked room where the bodies were hidden to under the front door.

It seems like a classic scene from a horror movie, victims using their blood to tell people what happened to them.

Senior Superintendent Manuel Prieto, Rizal police director, identified the victims as a certain Amado Asebar Sr., his wife Elizabeth, and children Amado Junior, 14, and Fritzie, 10.

This event has been tagged as the Cainta Massacre, or the Valentines Day Massacre.

The killer was Junjun Asebar, 24. He was the nephew of the senior Asebar

The suspect was arrested yesterday in Marinduque who confessed to killing the family because the wife of his uncle kept nagging him.

It’s a little disturbing that this topic trended on Yahoo at number sixth behind Patricia Bermudez, Kate Middleton, and Baker King. And that it was the only piece of real news on the top ten besides Taiwan.

In fact, there is so little attention on the case that I was hard put to find an appropriate picture to accompany this post (besides the one I have). Maybe it was because the police caught him so fast, or that only four victims were killed.

Or maybe an old video of a wedding proposal takes precedence over dying children. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Somebody remind me to get murdered in Thailand or Hong Kong so my death won’t be blocked by Jollibee proposing to Hetty Spaghetti.

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