Hong Kong Quest

Big news in the shadows today. Hong Kong will beginning its 25-day inquest into the August 23 Philippine hostage crisis. You know, that little incident where eight Chinese nationals were killed by an insane, poor excuse for a man, dip-shit police officer Rolando Mendoza.

After which the government conducted an investigation forming a special panel called the IIRC (I forget what it’s an acronym for) to find who was at fault and recommend appropriate punishments. Headed by DOJ Secretary De Lima, they kinda did their job recommending a lot of people to be punished from the DILG secretarie(s) all the way to PNP privates.

And it seemed like justice would be served but the President and his legal team got in the way and made adjustments to the first report. And by adjustments I mean completely dribbled it down making most everyone that mattered on that list safe from prejudice. It was a blatant fucking shield, there wasn’t any transparency in that, they were covering each others assess in the old as time tradition of cronyism. I know it, you know it, and Hong Kong sure as hell knows it.

That’s why their doing this inquest. More than a hundred witnesses were requested to testify including survivors, victim’s families, Hong Kong coronaries and Philippine officials. When they first invited the officials involved both the President and the DOJ secretary quickly expressed that those invited were not compelled to participate in the inquest and can deny invitation if they so desire. Pressing the option to the point that it was no mystery what they wanted those invited to do.

All of the Philippines officials denied the invitation. They really care about justice don’t they. To add insult to insult and injury De Lima stated that even if the inquest in Hong Kong provides findings different from the IIRC the IIRC version will be the one that will be held as true in the Philippines.

That’s a new one. I didn’t think truth could vary in political territories. And I’m not talking about cosmoligal, metaphysical, socio-religio mumbo jumbo. I’m talking simple bare-faced, blatant who’s accountable truth.

We really should put that bastard Mendoza in the history books, so we could spit on the dust from his bones for the next sixty years. And not the sissy fluid spit either, the phlegmy, yellowing, virus-filled loogie ones.

2 Tugon to “Hong Kong Quest”

  1. Very well said. And you are so crafty.

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