Valued values

The Egyptian people won its more than ten-day stand-off with the government and Angelo Reyes has been laid to rest with military honors. Not much of particular interest at the moment. So I’ll just rattle on about something that’s been bugging me for some time.

If you’ve watched any Disney film (actually any children’s film, television show, play, storybook in the history of the organized storytelling) one idea will be inextricably ingrained into your subconscious. Materials things are not as important as immaterial things.

Now, it’s hard for me to accept that values like wealth, and beauty are considered as “shallow” and relatively unimportant compared to say dignity, honor, principle.

It’s not as if those two values are less difficult to attain and maintain as compared to those of prestige.

Personally, I care very little for beauty and vanity as (unlike anger, and pride) I find it utterly useless. But at the same time it offers little to no offense and can thus (usually) be considered benign, except maybe for the cosmetically challenged who make up a vast majority of the human population. Inspired by envy their fragile psyches then concocted a brilliant defense mechanism in the form of the above mentioned unimportance of beauty.

As for wealth, it is always chanted that money isn’t everything but it is an inevitable fact that everything needs money. So it’s completely idiotic to think that money doesn’t hold at least a top three position in the world’s most important things list.

The funny thing is, people keep saying saying “Beauty is only skin deep”, and “Money isn’t everything” but has no one ever noticed that these two things are the most admired qualities in people of notice and they are also two of the most sought after qualities in the world. Everyone wants to be beautiful and everyone wants to be rich.

So why in hell’s name do we tell ourselves and and other people that they don’t matter?

Do me and yourself a favor. Unless you plan to be a pucker-eyed, bulbous nosed, crack lipped, frog skinned hag who smells like a baked shit cake without a centavo to his name then do not ever in any moment of your life degrade money or beauty.

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