You’re not a country, get over yourselves already

Chinese territories are colored

Taiwan is seeking an apology from the Phil. government because it deported nationals to China after being arrested.

Taiwan’s representative to the Philippines Donald T.C. Lee called it a serious mistake sending the Taiwanese to China because it was under their jurisdiction. Even though they were in the Philippines illegally and wanted for fraud in China. Lee is accusing the government of succumbing to pressure from Beijing.

Ordinarily, if an illegal alien is caught the proper protocol is to send that alien to his/her country of origin. And that’s exactly what happened.

Historically, Taiwan (until now) is under the jurisdiction of China and is part of China. When President Sun Yat Sen fled to the island from Mao Zedong the powers of the United States prevented the communist leader from capturing him then and there under a threat that if Mao laid a finger of the good doctor there would be an all out war against China, and back then China was not economic powerhouse it is today. Some would even describe them as being worse off than we are now.

Long story short, China backed off Sun Yat Sen and communism failed to touch the island. Giving it the capability to set up its own democratic government. However, China never relinquished its legitimate hold on the territory and no other state questions it (except Taiwan).

So the picture that is painted now of their relationship is of a man with a talking hand that thinks its its own person.

Taiwan (even with its own government) isn’t or ever was an independent state. And they should really stop shooting their mouths off at the topic so much because China is the big boy now and America isn’t there to protect them anymore if they get pissed and decide to cement their hold by force. (They have a damn stealth fighter now!)

Furthermore, what the hell is Lee talking about threatening repercussions for the OFW’s in Taiwan. He can’t do a fucking thing unless they do something illegal, and that’s according to their laws. His threat is as empty as bowl without a bottom.

So no apology Taiwan. As far as anyone (besides the Taiwanese) is concerned your Chinese nationals and the government didn’t do anything wrong.

2 Tugon to “You’re not a country, get over yourselves already”

  1. Thank You. More to come, sana. Just waiting for the world’s next stupidity, which might not be that long.

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