Valentine≠sex (?)

The day that every guy dreads is upon us and all around the world mattress springs will be groaning under the weight of two or more bodies pistoning against each other.

But the interesting part (surprisingly) is what’s happening outside the motel rooms (at least for now).

The Department of Health announced that it will not be repeating the campaign it did last year when they gave free condoms to couples on Valentines Day to protect potential cases of HIV and AIDS infections. It’s only to be expected that the irritable ire of the church was drawn to it as they described the stunt as “vulgar and gross”. Despite sounding like a pretentious teenage girl the Church has a right as an institution to voice its stand on issues and profess their thoughts on how to go about dealing with said issues.

So, the DOH listened to them and are opting for a more “wholesome” approach to raising awareness on safe sex.

All things considered it’s not like much is actually happening. So why even blog about this? I didn’t really have a gripe with the DOH not giving out condoms this year because of pressure from the church (I can buy my own. Although honestly it would have been highly appreciated if it were offered to me) but what really got me thinking was a post by a friend on facebook who linked the news story on her profile page and left a comment.

“Finally they realize that they were promoting something immoral. Valentine’s does not equal sex”

It’s my staunch policy in life to air what grievances I have with a person to the person him/herself. But in this case I’ve made an exception. Why? Two reasons. One, she’ll kill me. Two, when her time comes and she dies as well, she’ll visit me in hell and kill me again.

Now that we’ve got that double standard out of the way let’s consider the above mentioned quote.

When exactly did sex (more specifically sex between couples) become immoral? This analogy brought to you by the Catholic Bishops Council of the Philippines that state: by giving away free condoms was a way of enticing young people to be experimental and promiscuous.

Ok, I can understand where the Bishops are coming from on this one but I don’t get why everyone else is in such an uproar about it. Going back to Valentines Day, it is celebrated as day for love specifically romantic love (the one for couples and lovers). One thing “conservatives” have to realize is that sex casual or procreational is absolutely essential for the proliferation of love.

Couples have sex when they love each other. That’s a given. And it’s also love’s final rite of expression. If two people have sex it is almost understood that they love each other.

One can have sex without love but one cannot have love without sex. It is a widely acknowledged phenomena that a (romantic) relationship starts to go south once couples stop having sex. So, as an integral part of love which is celebrated on the 14th it could be argued that to a certain extent Valentines does equal sex.

So it’s completely callous of the church to demand abstinence for couples on Valentines Day of all days.

Again, I’m talking about sex between couples here. Not casual or professional sex. I’m a supporter of those too but they can be talked about for another time.

Therefore, I am encouraging all couples old and new to celebrate their love for one another by rolling in the hay, making the two-backed beast, nailing the tube, rocking the floorboards, mining for oil, entering the tunnel, and launching the rocket. All of this protected or otherwise.  Because what’s a lifetime of hard labor in raising a dozen children for 30 minutes of fun without a condom.

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