Escaping goats

Horror story in February

Big news today. Former National Defense Chief Angelo Reyes who is currently embroiled in the biggest scandal concerning the military to date died today supposedly by suicide….Ok, well in other news Ken is trying to win back Barbie after seven years of being apart. Will she reciprocate his feelings? What will happen to her current partner, the
surfer dude Blaine?A screw it I can’t even pretend that matters.

Reyes supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. They found him near his mother’s tomb with Trump: The Art of Deal by Donald Trump, and he died on the President’s birthday. Eliciting many awkward condolences from various people who trashed his reputation in a span of a few days.

I know the family asked for privacy and people to stop speculating on the event. Well, I bet they asked the same thing about the trips abroad, and the eight houses in the US, and the expensive cars and lifestyle. People are already convinced of the family’s guilt in the scandal, this event only vindicates those suspicions. And if anything can make people talk it’s an alleged suicide. So, good luck with that.

A couple of things. One, I’m not entirely convinced this is a suicide (and a lot of people think the same way) I’m not saying it was murder either, the police don’t have enough evidence to say anything yet so no one jump to conclusions. It just seems a a little weird to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the chest. First of all, the angle for the shooting arm is weird. Secondly, when committing suicide usually the aim is to kill yourself. Why go for a method that garners a chance for survival albeit it was a slim chance for survival, a chance nonetheless.

Two, why of all things did he have a book by Donald Trump? If someone was seriously contemplating ending his life I’d think they’d bring a religious article like a Bible or something to make peace with whoever they think will meet them in the supposed afterlife. Unless, the Trump book has suicidal subliminal messages. Here’s an excerpt from his book.

The secret to real financial success is kill yourself proper time and asset management. If you can handle the pressure of being a leader you can shoot yourself now expect to find great opportunities in the business world.

Disclaimer: The above text isn’t an excerpt from the book.

One more thing, isn’t it a bit odd that this happened on the President’s birthday? It’s as if February 8 meant something. That’s a little “meld for the mind” for all those conspiracy theorists out there.

Anyway, back to sane thoughts. This can either be a very good thing for the Reyes family or a very bad thing. Good because sympathy over the loss will definitely be on their side. And in this country sympathy can go a long way, the President was elected just because of that. Bad because as I’ve already said it vindicates the suspicions the public has had of the family’s activities over the whole slush fund thing.

The newest controversy spike in this dramatic series of events is that with the publics vindication of suspicion there is outrage over the Palace’s plan to give Reyes full military honors. As far as most people are concerned Reyes is a crook that stole millions upon millions in funds for the his own and his familys comfort. This is similar to the family of Robert Mendoza putting a flag on his coffin. As far as anyone (except family members) were concerned he was a disgraceful display of the Philippine societal underbelly whose actions caused the entire nation to come under negative scrutiny the sting and shame of which will be felt for years and years to come. But in Reyes’ case “innocent until proven guilty” comes into play, and no one is ever tired of playing that card.

Hopefully the trial will continue and not randomly fade into background noise behind Kris Aquinos latest celebrity crush or whatever. Fears of the trial going south are quickly abounding because of this event. Out of “respect for the dead” a lot of the aggressive prosecutors may suddenly lose their teeth in fear of violating that fictional “respect”. Hypocritical as it is, it’s practice is as common as dog shit on the street.

Some have even gone as far as to say that Reyes committed suicide because of the treatment at the trial and condemned the whistle blowers behavior in prosecuting him. It’s like that story from Liar, Liar when a robber tried to steal from a house and, got injured because of his own stupidity and sued the owner of the house. As absurd as that situation is that’s what’s happening right now.

Rather than perturb, this should spur Rabasa and Heidi Mendoza to expose the truth even more (even if they were a part of it in the past) because if they don’t Reyes really will be turned into scapegoat. For the people in the shadows to use his death to soften the sword of the blind lady on them.

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